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This article is written from a Lore perspective. It contains spoilers and different reference materials might be contradictory.

This is a timeline of all events taking place in the world of Girls' Frontline and related games from a Lore perspective.

Before Girls' Frontline[edit]


  • First relics site discovered by mankind in Eastern Europe.[1] Tsarist Russia starts experiments 40 years before the rest of the world.[2]

June 30th, 1908


  • American Alsos teams pillage Nazi and Japanese wartime research ahead of USSR Trade Federation units, who are focused on securing the Nazi relics site at Bleicherode.[2]


  • Soviet Russia activates its “Starfish” installations.[2]


  • The United States establishe its first research station on relics technology at the Door site and the Big Sieve organization is founded to oversee American relics research.[3]


  • The Soviet Union launches the first man-made satellite into orbit, prompting the US to reconsider its research strategy.[3]


  • The American ARPA is founded to replace Big Sieve as the primary relics technology research organism of the US.[3]


  • The Starfish installation produces its first Morons, put on display during the October Revolution Parade of November.[3][4]


  • GAVIRUL is discovered on Beilan Island. The local relics site is sealed shortly after.[5]
  • Cuban Moron Crisis: the Soviet Union agrees to withdraw missiles and Morons from Cuba in exchange for the United States withdrawing their nuclear warheads from Europe, hurting US-European relations.[4]


  • American president Lyndon Johnson authorizes experimental use of “accelerant” gas as a weapon during the Vietnam War, expending 3 tons of gas over the remaining seven years of the war.[6]


  • Greater understanding of Starfish and the developement of new control systems enable the Soviet to produce an upgraded form of the Moron: the Pike.[4]

May 12, 1973

  • The Soviet Union lose a relics site to strange phenomenons during the OKB-10 incident.[6]


  • Shanghai's expansion seals the entrance to the Beilan relics site.[5]


  • First documented case of ELID infection.[7]


  • The Soviets control 5 relics sites and the US 4.[3]
  • An estimated 150 000 people contracted ELID and about 10 000 became ELID infected, with numbers growing.[7]


  • Starting in January, the Soviets use Pikes in combat for the first time in Afghanistan, to devastating effects.[7][4]
  • The Relic Arms Limitation Treaty is signed on November 3rd, limiting military research on relics technology.[3][4]


  • The Soviet Union and the United States formally end hostilities. The Soviet OGAS project is converted from a Relics weapons command system into a national economy planning and monitoring network.[4] International research start on ELID vaccines to counter the growing number of infection cases, which would prove successful.[7]


  • The Soviet Union breaks up and the Russian Federation is established.[4]
  • The Relic Arms Limitation Treaty is expanded into the Relic Technology Convention, starting a greater worldwide collaboration on relics technology research.[7][4]



  • The Black Lily and White Rose project is declared a failure and the UNRSA focuses on finding new relics sites.[5]


  • Discovery of the relics site that will serve as the foundation to Hollow City in Antarctica.[9]

Late 2028 or 2029

  • The Beilan Island relics site is breached and ELID infections occur in Shanghai. Beilan Island is quarantined but security is gradually dropped as the incident subdues.[10]




  • OKB-413 relic site incident: Rebels temporarily manage to activate the relic using a Pike node before being stopped by the army.[12]
  • The New Soviet Union is established after years of internal Bolshevik resurgence and a short civil war.[4]


  • Hollow City is officially habitable.[9]
  • First models of Autonomous Dolls.[1]
  • Former UNRA Director Raeder Rossartre shoots himself after publicly releasing his report on the international situation of Collapse Fluid contamination. His thoughts on how best to rebuild mankind inspire the Rossartrist movement.[13] The UNRA splits in two factions supporting either Project Beacon, preserving the social and scientific elite of mankind in Hollow City and rejecting Rossartre's ideal, or Project Prometheus, secretly influencing political decisions and scientific development to prevent mankind's self-destruction and promote post-war reconstruction as supported by Rossartre.[14]


  • The Supreme Soviet passes the National Safety, Enforcement and Intelligence Apparatus Reorganization Plan, effectively concentrating power over all state security agencies into the hands of Victor Zelinski.[4]


  • Northern Lights Incident: The Scandinavian Peninsula and Central Europe are swept by Collapse Fluid clouds. The flow of refugees from Northern and Eastern Europe to Southern and Western Europe give rise to neocolonialism in North Africa.[15]


  • The first Common Strength Doll model 03H, outfitted with advanced agility and movement precision, is produced by Scheppel Advanced Technology Company.[17]


  • Sangvis Ferri fields the first generation of Ripper Tactical Dolls.[14]


  • 90wish is founded by Persica and Lycoris to secretly promote the usage of Relics technology in modern research.[15]
  • The merger that would eventually become IOP releases the Nymph, the first generation of service dolls.[14]


  • German Civil War: The German government focus on neocolonalism and repression of protests from Social Democratic East German asking for the reclamation of their contaminated territories turns into a civil war. The conflict soon evolves into a proxy war when the New Soviet Union and the United States intervene.[15]

April 15th, 2045

  • World War Three begins.[11]
  • Hollow City seals all its entrances and isolates itself from the rest of the world.[9]



  • First Anti-Collapse reactor pile.[9]
  • Captain Berezovich Kryuger earns distinctions during the Soviet campaign against Europe in Lybia.[19]


First half of 2051

  • IOP fields the ACD-51 Tactical Doll model.[18]

Jun 29th, 2051

  • End of World War Three.[9]



  • Persicaria finalizes Etching Theory. Griffin and Kryuger shifts from using human mercenaries to Tactical Dolls. Sangvis Ferri's Elisa mainframe AI is activated.[11]




  • IOP T-Dolls adopt the Neural Cloud system. Several high-ranking G&K officers are assassinated.[11]



  • The United Nations are re-established.[9]

Girls' Frontline[edit]


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Due to severe inconsistencies in the times used in the first chapters of Girl's Frontline, only the latest information is used as reference.


  • G&K accept the contract to fight against Sangvis Ferri dolls. The Commander is recruited into G&K.[11]

Ambiguous timeframe (2062 to 2064)

  • AR Team breaks into Safe House 3 in Sangvis Ferri territory and disperse to escape enemy troops. The team is eventually assembled again thanks to the Commander.
  • Sangvis Ferri troops invade Area S08 and try to take down G&K's high command. The Parapluie virus is discovered in AR ST AR-15Thumb button.pngST AR-15  and she flees to track down Elisa by herself. During G&K's counterattack, G&K enlists Squad 404 to support their operations in the nearby Area S06 under Operation Cube and SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45  becomes covertly infected with Parapluie. The conflict in Area S08 ends when AR-15 destroys Elisa's local dummy in a suicide bombing.
  • The Commander is transferred to Area S05 before they are forced, along with SMG RO635Thumb button.pngRO635 , to defend the T-Dolls gathered for Parapluie screening in the local G&K containment facility against Dreamer. AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  becomes catatonic after encountering Elisa during the attack. AR Team is subsequently sent after Dreamer's base in Area S05.
  • AR Team's aircraft crashes in a Sangvis Ferri Jupiter cannons testing field in Area S03. G&K launches Operation Hypothermia to recover them.
  • G&K launches a covert ops on Sangvis Ferri's Base 0 to recover File No 7 and lose AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1  to Sangvis Ferri due to Parapluie. M4A1 emerges from her coma.


2064 and onward

  • The Union of Rossartrism Nations Coalition is formed.[9]
  • Squad 404 is deployed by G&K to recover the data drone launched by M16A1 before she was taken over by Parapluie.
  • A week after the mission at Base 0,[22] a year after Operation Cube,[23] 20 months after AR Team separated at Safe House 3[24] and about two years after the start of G&K's contract to destroy Sangvis Ferri,[25] G&K and the KCCO lead a joint assault to end the threat of Sangvis Ferri. During the battle, the KCCO fails to force the awakening of Elisa's OGAS consciousness and most of their forces abandon the field, leaving G&K's troops to retreat under fire and arresting Kryuger on various false charges as cover.
    • AR Team takes part in the assault but M4A1's neural cloud is attacked by Elisa. Captain Yegor eliminates AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II  and SMG RO635Thumb button.pngRO635  as KCCO attempts to awaken M4A1's OGAS. M4A1 is rescued, enhanced and recruited by Task Force DEFY. SOPMOD II's mangled body is later reactivated by M16A1 (Boss) and she recovers RO635's data core before rejoining with the fleeing G&K forces.
    • The Bureau of State Security tasks DEFY and Angelia to recover Elisa before the KCCO and find proof of their plan to use OGAS to trigger a new World War. Angelia hires Squad 404 to help locate Elisa through the Parapluie jamming.
    • M4A1's OGAS promises her to reveal the location of SOPMOD II and M16A1 so she can rescue them, if she encounters Elisa first. Agent nearly kills the Commander before Angelia asks to spare their life in exchange for a new encounter between M4A1 and Elisa. As a last resort against Yegor's forces trying to capture Elisa, Havier Witkin airdrops Angelia a set of Collapse bombs.
    • M4A1 rejects Elisa during their encounter and Angelia orders M4A1 to detonate the Collapse bombs to counter Yegor's inbound forces. M4A1 and ST AR-15 pursue Elisa but she is airlifted form the battlefield by M16A1. M4A1 and ST AR-15 are left stranded in enemy territory and manage to evade the Paradeus forces with the help of M4A1's OGAS.
    • While the majority of the G&K forces evacuate the area after repelling a Paradeus assault, a contingent of volunteers assist DEFY in evacuating Angelia, but the Commander is captured by Paradeus.
  • Nine weeks after the end of the Joint Assault battle,[26] the Commander has recovered from Collapse radiation poisoning and is interrogated by Paradeus. They are soon recovered by Squad 404 and delivered to G&K. Under pressure, they accept to work for the Soviet Bureau of State Security.
  • Three months after their return,[27] the Commander mans a search mission for Angelia in Belgrade and partners with a local informant.

After Girls' Frontline[edit]



  • Countries of the Coalition leave the Union and join Hollow City in the Antarctic Union, ending the period of collaboration known as the Ten-Years Honeymoon.[28]
  • Three more specimens bearing the genes of GAVIRUL are created during the Three Goddesses project.[29]


  • The Three Goddesses project falls through due to the growing unrest between the Coalition and the Union. Each faction retains one specimen, the third disappears.[29]

July 2089

  • Union citizens are killed by Coalition police officers, sparking widespread civil strife and interventions from the Coalition military.[28]

September 2089

18th to 20th December, 2092

July 11th, 2094

  • Operation Kindle. Subjects Jefuty and Noel are lost, along with a large number of troops. The First Antarctic War ends two months later.[32]


  • Second Antarctic War.[32]


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