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Full name Ramzan
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown

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Ramzan Ismailovich Ibrahimov (拉姆赞•易卜拉欣莫夫, tentatively transcribed Рамзан Ибрагимов Исмаилович) is one of the two sons of Ismaili Ibrahimov,[1] the younger brother of Armin Ibrahimov and the adoptive brother of Anna Tsoi. He was a survivor of the terrorist attack in Beslan and became an instructor at one of the Command Colleges of the Neo-Soviet Union during World War Three, before being deployed in Germany in 2051, where he reportedly died protecting his adoptive sister during the pursuit of Capita.

Capita later reportedly used his corpse during her experiments on resurrection, giving him the name Ganglati.

Note on canon

The near totality of information about Ramzan come from Slow Shock Part 1, which is told through unreliable narration.[2] As such, details of his biography should be considered with caution until confirmed by other sources.

Though his first name is unconfirmed, his existence is proven in the second Confidential Files, which mention that Ismaili Ibrahimov had two sons of 15 at the time of Anna's adoption.[1]


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Character Info

Ramzan had less kind dispositions than his brother Armin and joined the Beslan Guard Regiment to kill American residents of Beslan during Operation Eternal Flame, but he was unfalteringly loyal to his family. He switched side to defend Armin when he opposed the Guards, and when Anna accidentally killed a bird with an airgun and was about to cry, Ramzan boasted about having killed it himself so she wouldn't feel guilty. Though Anna knew he was out of shots and couldn't have killed the bird, she started to fight him for making up such a cruel lie.

Though Ramzan admired his older brother, his relationship with Anna was tense, especially after they both joined the military and other soldiers accused Anna of nepotism. Ramzan continued to enforce Armin's order to protect his sister, which is why he forbid Anna from joining the military, though she enrolled regardless. Ramzan died protecting Anna during a mission to capture Capita, even after he had started to turn into an ELID Infected. During the fight against Ganglati, Angelia managed to break through Ramzan's brainwashing, and he committed suicide to stop himself from killing her.

Ramzan was most probably two to three years older than Anna: they were three grades apart in school (assuming Ramzan was in the same grade as Armin)[3] but Anna was also likely adopted at 13, when Ramzan and Armin were 15.[1]

He is noted to have violet-colored eyes.[4]



  • The rightmost patch reads as "Военная Академия М.В. Фрунзе" which is Russian for "Military Academy of M.V. Frunze".
    • Usually, the leftmost patch of Russian uniforms have the last name first then the initals for the first name and patronymic name, which his patch would be "Ибрагимов Р.И" (Ibragimov R.N).[5]