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This article is written from a Lore perspective. It contains spoilers and different reference materials might be contradictory.

World War Three is the global conflict that engulfed mankind from April 15th, 2045 to June 29th, 2051 following the First Beilan Island Incident.[1] The war, along with the Collapse Fluid clouds, destroyed most habitable lands as well as many nations. The political face of mankind was changed to a completely new state as superpowers were brought to their knees, eventually leading to the emergence of two superpowers in the aftermath: the Union of Rossartrism Nations Coalition and the Antarctic Union.

The war bolstered the development of Tactical Dolls to replace a rapidly-decreasing quantity of human labor.[2][3]


The First Beilan Island Incident took place in Shanghai, China, in 2030. A large cloud of Collapse Fluid was released from an underground relics site and was quickly spreading destruction on Earth. Finger-pointing worsened already existing tensions in international political relations to the breaking point[4] and populations were in desperate need of livable lands and resources, sparking the global conflict.[3]

When the war broke out, Hollow City, the main relics site in Antarctica, declared itself an independent and neutral nation before sealing its entrances and isolating itself from the world. It remained untouched during the war.[1]


Three phases[edit]

The first phase of the war was an attempt to use nuclear ballistic missiles. However, satellite communications was lost in many parts of Earth and missile systems became widely imprecise and easy to intercept due to guiding interference. Soviet secret nuclear submarines in particular reacted to the loss of communication and observation of saturation launches by launching their own nuclear missiles. They quickly lost control of them and failed to strike major cities, but created many radiation zones. The saturation strikes during the first part of the war failed to cause major damage, but effectively heightened international tensions.[1] One of the nuclear weapons deployed by Russia in Ukraine was called the Koschei System.[5]

The second phase of the war saw nations vie for stratospheric airspace to conduct plane-based nuclear strikes. Assaults against enemy defenses relied on strategic bombers carrying nuclear cruise missiles, with intense sea and air battles taking place to intercept these bombers. Eventually, most armies were left without fleets and planes, and with many devastated cities.

The third phase of the war was a series of incredibly violent ground combats for the control of habitable land. Many of these areas were left devastated by combats.[1] The Assault Artillery combat exoskeletons originally developed to fight ELIDs saw widespread use during ground combat[6] due to the technical achievements in Tactical Doll technologies. Sangvis Ferri's Jaegers Tactical Dolls were the favorite model early in the war due to IOP's CSD series being unreliable. With the help of former 90wish researchers, IOP's ACD-series Tactical Dolls came to be the most used Tactical Doll model during the war, with 11 730 units produced.[7]


In 2051, after 6 years of intense and devastating combat, the equivalent of 3000 divisions had been killed in combat, and no nation was left with enough troops and ordnance to carry any further offensive. The United States, Soviet Union, Pan-European Alliance and other surviving nations were left with no other choice but to resume uneasy diplomatic talks. Nations agreed to restrict their dominions, at least until they could rebuild their armies.[1]


For the next ten years, all countries faced problems with reconstructing their infrastructures and accommodating surviving civilian population. The philosophy of Rossartrism quickly became widely accepted as the best thought system under the circumstances.[1] Nation-states that were mere shells of their former power reduced their domains to select large cities and industrial regions, paying the numerous emerging PMCs like Griffin and Kryuger to provide security services and find resources and shelter for the rest of their population. With the new demand for military ordnance, arms manufacturers new and old reaped large benefices.[8][9]

The United Nations were re-established in 2062 and the Union of Rossartrism Nations Coalition was formed in 2064.[1]

A considerable amount of various data was lost during the war, including the fate of the two subjects from the Black Lily and White Rose project, Lily and Rose,[6] and ELID vaccines research.[5]


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