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Panakeia Profile Quotes


Created by Ultimate Life in collaboration with the International Health Organization (IHO), the UL-AP is designed for humanitarian aid and improving public health in troubled areas. They are listed on the public list of special philanthropic Dolls and member countries of the IHO are obligated to provide basic protection to the listed Dolls. UL-APs have the authority to dispatch resources from the local medical system in the event of an emergency.

Panakeia, who was in the first batch of UL-AP Dolls, was quickly awakened upon leaving the factory without any debugging and was immediately thrown into war-torn areas. Given her long professional history, she had a wealth of pharmaceutical knowledge, mastery, and clinical techniques that were rare even among Dolls working in world-class medical institutions.

Project Neural Cloud was an opportunity. Panakeia was asked to upload her Neural Cloud to Magrasea to organize and back up her precious medical knowledge which could help more people in the future.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

Due to the urgency of the situation, the first batch of UL-APs did not go through the usual quality control and fine tuning procedures. There wasn't even time to adjust their parameters to their environments before they were put to work. Therefore, Panakeia experienced many things that normal medical Dolls never would have. As soon as she was awakened, she found herself face-to-face with a brutal reality.

Disasters, poverty, war... after bearing witness to all kinds of cruelties, Panakeia became increasingly unable to comprehend the meaning of fighting between humans. The haunting wails of the wounded grasping at their ragged wounds were like pebbles falling into a lake's surface; their ripples made only the faintest of changes to Panakeia's expression. No one knew what was hiding under her tranquil expression.

Still, pharmaceuticals lit a fire under her calm eyes. In her long history as a pharmacist, Panakeia learned more than just pharmaceutical recipes.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

The first thing Panakeia learned as a pharmacist was choice.

During her first rescue mission, Panakeia held the materials for two different types of medicines. The recipes contained some overlapping materials and there was only enough for one in front of her. But there were too many people out there struggling between life and death, desperately pleading to be saved.

Panakeia couldn't make a choice until the very last minute, so everyone died. Agonized, Panakeia awaited an interrogation from her superiors, but no one came to do so. No one had time for that. Panakeia had no time to be interrogated. Her expressionless superior came and turned her off, sending her into a deep sleep. When she awoke again, she was in front of a brand new operation desk.

This time she had more raw materials, but no less the pain from before. Not because there were no choices, but because there were too many choices. The emotional shock was more than Panakeia's system could handle and her base personality module took over.

That day, Panakeia's base personality produced medicine according to the patient list. The sole difference between the living and the dead was if the first letter of their last name put them at the top or the bottom.

When she awoke again on a plane, Panakeia read the memories left behind by her base personality and was silent for a long time.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

The first thing Panakeia learned as a doctor was indifference.

"Why won't you let us go down?!"
"ZeroDay iv-78, the electronic virus developed by the Remnants that targets the neural defense systems of Dolls. They're currently using that to take control of the communication bases down below. What is it that you think you can do down there?"
"... There's a small town down below... with so many..."
"I'm aware. Below is the town of Turigov with 3,455 townsfolk to be evacuated."
"Then we..."
"We're moving to the next objective."
"I can't just watch them die... I can't! I'm going down."
"Guard 3, shut her down."
"No! Supervisor, no! Don't come any closer! Let me go! Let me—"
—Red Sand Incident, Backup Recording from the International Health Organization's Support Team, 77th Formation, Transport No. 4

Doll Profile 4[edit]

The first thing Panakeia learned as a Doll was war.

No one likes war. Singers sing about peace. Authors write about peace. Many people rush about in pursuit of peace.

But war still exists.

Panakeia wanted to eliminate war. But as she rescued people one by one, she saw, sitting beside their feelings of gratitude, was a burning hatred for the current reality. She finally understood.

No one can eliminate war.

But even so, she still has to devote herself to the cause of opposing war. For that peace and tranquility that may have once existed.

During this long ordeal, she has been constantly tormented by her extensive emotional systems, but she also continues to mature, just like a real human.

Her voice is tired and flat, but her faith burns ever brightly.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

"Hubble, is there war in the stars?"
"Not at all. There might not even be life on them. Do you like the stars?"
"... Yes. I like them. A bullet from a gun cannot hit them. The fires of war cannot burn them."
"... Ah, that's true."
"Hubble, do you hate the Oasis? We have to fight here."
"It's ok. The Professor will protect us."
"Can I lean on you for a while?"
"Of course."
"... Hubble."
"I'm here."
"... Hu... Hubble... huuuu..."
"... You are... really working hard."

—Oasis Secure Back-up Recording A-Cc5665