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Full name Ripper
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi animation

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Sangvis Ferri regular combat doll. Equipped with short-ranged assault weapons. Has high mobility and often comprises the vanguard in battle or serve as scouts.

Stats / Data

  • Classification: Humanoid
  • Damage: Low
  • Accuracy: Low
  • Attack range: Short
  • Health: Moderate
  • Armor value: N/A
  • Evasion: Moderate
  • Movement speed: Moderate


Ripper-class units are the first Sangvis Ferri human-type enemy encountered by the player. They first appear in Chapter 1-2 and are an extremely common enemy throughout the game in virtually every level. In addition to acting as vanguard units they are often seen as bodyguard units for Sangvis Ferri ringleaders.

They are roughly the equivalent of one of Griffon's SMG T-Dolls.


Rippers are one of the first humanoid-type Sangvis Ferri units the player will encounter. Functionally the Sangvis version of an SMG T-Doll, they're a cut above the usual mechanized units, being tougher, harder-hitting, and putting out much more firepower than the Prowler units the player has mostly seen up till this point (mostly through volume of fire). They're easily identified by their dual SMGs, prominent tactical visor, and purple hair and outfit. While one of the weaker Sangvis Ferri humanoid units, they can pose a threat, especially in groups or with proper backup.

They are often paired with the Vespid-class Sangvis Ferri unit and sometimes used as bodyguards for tougher or more mission-critical units.

Lore / Story involvement

According to the official art book, their eyes are covered up because they don't need self-awareness, not because they don't have eyes or because they can't see.[1]


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