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Hubble Story Profile Quotes


The PSRA model Doll, specializing in astronomy, cosmogony, and astrophysics, was created by the 42Lab in collaboration with the renowned astronomer Dr. Vera, assigned by the World Astronomical Research Union (WARU).

Hubble, the first PSRA model Doll, was created in 2057. Astronomy was regarded as an inferior discipline at that time, and Hubble was not picked among the first group of testing Dolls for Project Neural Cloud. Thanks to her friend Fresnel's support, Hubble was given a second chance and passed the test to enter Magrasea.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

Hubble holds a fascination with all kinds of fantasy and sci-fi stories, possibly influenced by her research topics. The wonderful ways she perceives and contemplates the universe are unseen even in humans. A typical example of that would be her great interest in astrology: a mystical discipline traditionally considered superstitious and to be the antithesis of science.

Scientists are expected to use simple expressions. Hubble, on the other hand, prefers to convey her ideas with image evoking expressions—both in life and in work. Hubble's poetic words put a different spin on otherwise mundane life. That is why she has so many friends in 42Lab: The other Dolls all love and enjoy talking with Hubble—even if sometimes her words are a bit too abstract for them to understand.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

Dr. Vera, Hubble's immediate manager, adores her and shares sci-fi stories with her. Hubble often provides Vera with a variety of insightful critiques from unusual perspectives, which she has never received from other Dolls.

Vera and Hubble collaborated on a short story once, a fantasy tale about the birth, development, and extinction of an entire galactic system. They anonymously posted it on the 42Lab internal forums, making the learning of astronomy be all the rage among Doll residents.

And it was that certain story that brought Fresnel and Hubble together.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

Contrary to popular belief, Hubble's divergent thinking and romantic inclination may not always be a boon; they may occasionally cause her some trouble.

Once immersed in her fantasy world, Hubble speaks like a computer infected with viruses, frequently spouting obscure or even ominous sayings that she is utterly unaware of.

Due to her divergent paradigm, Hubble is averse to the lab's rigid rules, especially those seminars that involve several hours of sitting.

"I am so grateful that Ms. Hubble could show me around. I learned a lot from her patient and kind guidance. We also attended a seminar. I was nervous at first, but I quickly relaxed when I saw Ms. Hubble doze off..."
"Ms. Hubble then slipped me out of the meeting and took me to the observatory to stargaze! I had the impression that researchers were all solemn folks, but Ms. Hubble proved me wrong. Her tour was fantastic!"
—42Lab Open Day Review Letter

Doll Profile 4[edit]

Wherever there are people, there are power struggles. Hubble's lab has a small research budget due to the low priority of the subject and its impracticality. Despite this, there are some immoral individuals who seek to take advantage of the lab.

In situations like that, Hubble fearlessly speaks up before Vera can say anything. Her popularity and good image enable her to resolve the majority of these issues.

Despite her difficulties, Hubble never abandons her passion for astronomy. In addition to her desire to travel the cosmos, Hubble holds the belief that the vast beyond is the ultimate destination for all humans and sentient beings.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

Ever since her arrival in Magrasea, Hubble was unable to conduct her astronomical observations beyond the Oasis, due to physical restrictions and limited operand for non-emergency projects. She had to construct her own observatory from the ground up. Fortunately, with Fresnel's assistance, she was able to put everything together after much work.

They also managed to build a holographic room that mimics the universe. It serves as a scientific research lab as well as a place for Dolls to unwind after tiring missions. Hubble is often seen working in the room, sometimes jotting down her observations, sometimes engrossed in her thoughts in front of the ever-changing constellations. After she leaves, intriguing, sparkling jewels are frequently found nearby.

"I didn't realize it was already past visiting hours. When I pushed the door open, I saw Fresnel put a gem on a planet."
"That blue gem was a perfect match with the planet's color."
—Research Interview Records from Observatory Mimic Room