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Hubble Story Profile Quotes

"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Side Stories[edit]

Heartfelt House of Cocoa[edit]

Hubble and the Professor met near the sea for their date. She noted that the sky was exceptionally clear that night, which was an anomaly as it ought to be cloudy per the observatory's data. Hubble openly wondered how such a mysterious night came to be, before revealing that she knew it was the Professor's doing. While Hubble was pleased with the starry sky, she stated that the stars were not just located in the sky that night. She pointed to the glowing points in the waves of the sea, bioluminescence from floating algae. The scene of beauty was born from the lives of countless living beings joined together, and she marveled that such insignificant lives could contend with the brilliance of the stars in the sky. However, the Professor noted that the sea algae of the Oasis were merely illusions generated from operands. Hubble then began gently stroking the surface of the sea, before suddenly raising her hand and scattering the cold seawater all over the Professor. Hubble laughed before apologizing to the now drenched Professor, and then placed her hand on their cheek. She reminded the Professor that everything in the Oasis was also a pile of visible operands: the stars, the glowing beach, herself, and even the Professor's body were nothing but evanescent illusions. Yet she asked if this mattered as they could see and feel them all.

The Professor remarked that it appeared Hubble had completely accepted life in the Oasis. Hubble denied this, stating she still felt disappointment that she could no longer find new stars in a virtual sky. However, there were things more brilliant than the stars. She then placed several round balls of chocolate on the Professor's hand. She had made them herself, dark blue chocolates speckled with white to make them appear as little spherical universes. The Professor stated that they looked so good, it would be a shame to eat them. Suddenly, Hubble ate one of the chocolates from their palm and then exclaimed that they were delicious. She licked her lips and smiled playfully before pointing out that the chocolate would not last forever, and if the Professor did not eat them then their beautiful forms would eventually melt. Nothing was eternal, even the Oasis' cloud server would eventually wither away. The Professor moved to comfort Hubble, but she shoved a piece of chocolate in their mouth and said that they must properly enjoy their brief happiness. As they gazed into each other's eyes, the Professor asked what Hubble was looking at. She replied that she was looking at a star.