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Hubble Story Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Dawn has arrived.
Afternoon The sky above is ever-changing.
Evening The silver glow from the horizon gently envelopes the vast land like soft willow catkin.
Night While most are deep in their blissful slumber, thousands of stars are silently ascending from the horizon.
Main Interface Voice When night falls, I stand on the steps and listen; stars swarm in the garden, and I stand in darkness.
Look up to the heavens. Faraway in the universe, the stars realign tonight.
You must be having a dream full of wonders.
The stars are so beautiful tonight. Would you like to go with me to the observatory and do some stargazing together?
Interactive Voice Hmm?
To what do I owe the pleasure?
Would you like to go stargazing with me?
Relationship Dialogues Zzz... ... Be it in 42Lab or elsewhere, isn't it normal to feel sleepy during meetings like this?
Among the millions of stars that shine, I can feel the melodious pulsation of life and an unshakable will that lurks in the darkness.
On my bookshelf, I have 2,500 books, 5,000 notebooks, and 12,000 rough sketches. These are the results of my observations and research from the time I was born until now. That big telescope is from an astronomy museum in Europe. I took it with me when I escaped from the war.
Perhaps romanticism and mysticism are what this world is all about. Some realists will deny it, and maybe they're correct, but don't you think their way of thinking is too boring? Humanity wouldn't have been able to develop to this level without their curiosity and inquisitiveness about the unknown.
Could you stay here with me tonight, Professor? Tonight, a once-in-a-century comet will be passing close to the Earth. Let us silently witness this miracle together.
Moods Hehe
Accept I understand.
Agree I see.
Appreciate Lovely.
Feeling Okay.
The movement of the universe has its own set of laws. Planets orbit around stars to form the basis of a star system. I suppose many similarities can be found in our relationship now...
Obtain Witness how the stars shimmer, pulsating like passionate hearts amongst the vastness of the galaxy. Astronomer Hubble, at your service.
Neural Cloud Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough I can feel the stars pulsating.
Neural Expansion All the stars and planets shall return to their rightful positions.
Max Neural Expansion
Drifting among the stars and transcending the shadows of time and space, I seek the truth behind everything.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team I am ready, as you can see.
Battle Start Is it my turn?
Ultimate Skill Astral vessels, tremble with power!
MVP1 Nothing shall obscure the light.
MVP2 Mission complete.
Retreat The universe... is collapsing...

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Did you know? The Santa Claus we all know that flies around on a sled filled with presents may have actually just been a meteorite passing through our atmosphere.
Halloween Look at the night sky! There are no werewolves, no vampire counts, no flaming pumpkin-heads floating in mid-air. All that remains is a silver glow piercing through the dark clouds and the brilliant twinkling of the stars, always and forever.
New Year Taking a step back from the hustle and bustle is not necessarily a bad thing. It's better to indulge in what you really love instead of simply following the crowd. If it pleases you, perhaps I can teach you about stargazing?
Tanabata I've heard that shooting stars can be seen in Magrasea as well. They say if you wish upon a shooting star during Tanabata, your wish will come true. I am not sure if it's real... but I will give it a try tonight.
Valentine Have you ever seen planet-shaped chocolates like these before? First, you cover brandy chocolate balls with a coat of colored syrup. Once they harden, they look just like tiny little solar systems shining in space.
Player's Birthday Since it's your birthday, let's do something fun and meaningful together. We can observe the stars with our naked eyes and telescopes, write down all the fantastical things that we see and then... I'll make tea for two in the afternoon: milk, scones, and two fried eggs. What do you think?