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Full name Jaeger
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi animation

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Sangvis Ferri regular combat doll. Equipped with long-range sniper weapons. They have superior firepower and accuracy but fragile bodies. Caution is advised on the battlefield when facing these enemies.

Stats / Data

  • Classification: Humanoid
  • Damage: Very high
  • Accuracy: Extreme
  • Attack range: Long (SWAP: Very Long)
  • Health: Low
  • Armor value: N/A
  • Evasion: Low
  • Movement speed: Slow
  • Skill/Passive: Yes
    • SWAP Jaeger: "After a few seconds of firing, stop to aim for a few seconds before firing off a charged shot to the nearest target dealing 1x their DMG to said target"


Jaegers first appear on 2-5 and become a constant presence starting around Chapters 4 and 5.


Skilled snipers, Jaegers are Sangvis Ferri combat dolls designed to insulate themselves into good positions, aided by their camouflage cloaks, before picking off vulnerable units with contemptuous ease. With high-performance optics and extremely powerful sensors, Jaegers can find chinks in virtually any armor and put down even the most evasive T-Doll. They are most dangerous when assigned other units to screen for them, such as Guards or Rippers. Broadly speaking, they are similar to the player's own RF dolls, but with a number of differences.

Jaegers are deceptive; they fire infrequently, have a long set-up time, don't move very fast, and are quite fragile. However, they do considerable damage if they hit - and they virtually always will hit when they fire. Their AI is different from that of a RF T-Dolls's: Instead of focusing on rear-line units, Jaegers will focus almost exclusively on the units in front, ideally hoping to punch through defense lines and clear a path for their allies to follow. Because of this, they will focus heavily on whittling down frontline units (especially SMGs) for the rest of their echelon to take advantage of. Once past the initial defenders, Jaegers will then go on to target vulnerable mid-line and rear-guard units. Their high damage and accuracy conspire to make them one of the most dangerous common foes you can face. Only the most evasive SMGs (or those with Force Shield) can reliably dodge Jaeger shots, and high-level Jaegers can easily hit those as well.

Thankfully, Jaegers have major weaknesses: They're fragile and despite very high damage, they have a long setup before they can fire. Once their defenders (if any) are gone, Jaegers tend to go down quite quickly; they are especially vulnerable to area-of-effect attacks like Frag Grenade and High-Explosive Grenade. Their long setup time and slow fire rate also makes them very vulnerable to Smoke Grenades and Flashbangs. Jaegers also have difficulty cracking armor; while they can put out some big damage on Shotgun T-Dolls, heavier armor and high toughness tends to mean Shotguns can weather their salvos better than any other T-Doll. A good rule of thumb is to not let them stick around if possible, and if this is not an option, use debuffs, area-of-effect damage, and fairies (when available) to clear them out.

During the late stages of Isomer players, will encounter the SWAP SF units for the first time, and Jaegers are one of the units which received an upgrade making them all the more dangerous, increasing their base ACC, HP and DMG while also giving them a charged shot skill which acts similar to our T-dolls in that it will not miss and do 1x their base DMG to their targets.

Lore / Story involvement

A military-grade designated marksman combat doll. Prior to Sangvis Ferri going rogue, the Jaeger was their most popular consumer product. The post-revolt Jaeger is virtually the same as previous model, and they are equipped with cloaks that were, originally, furnished with electronic camouflage abilities. Later, Sangvis began deploying them alongside other combat dolls, and with the introduction of the Guard series of Sangvis Combat Dolls, they no longer needed to hide themselves, often deploying into urban areas to help pacify resistance.

Jaegers are also used passive reconnaissance, as their long range and superior optics let them keep tabs, passively, on enemies from a great distance. They are also, fittingly, used to assassinate high-value targets.


  • The Cloaks available to the player's T-Dolls are based on the ones used by the Jaegers.