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Lam Story Profile Quotes


The RM&IA is an accounting Doll developed by Universal Anything Services (UAS) that made waves in the financial industry. To meet the demands of its profession, it is equipped with high-performance, multi-core, and multi-threading core processors, large capacity storage modules, and a liquid cooling system.

Lam is not one of the Dolls that are part of the lend-lease agreement between 42Lab and UAS. She has instead joined Project Neutral[sic] Cloud under the sponsorship of a private company.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

Strict, serious, and unsympathetic. These are the words that Lam's colleagues use to describe her. As soon as she enters work mode, she wouldn't even make exceptions for her close friends. Even her employer wouldn't think of asking her to conceal any improprieties on their balance sheets.

Strictly speaking, the only account that Lam will involve herself with is the tax account. The RM&IA series have details regarding all current international and official policies from around the world, which she can update in real-time using the UAS after-sales center. A mere draft proposal is all that it takes for Lam to draw up a favorable investment plan. This is one of the major selling points of the RM&IA.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

Every RM&IA has a notarized bar code issued by an international financial institution that guarantees the authenticity of their accounting. In the early days, many large companies tried to tamper with the Dolls' basic logic so that they could use them to cover up abnormal cash flows. In response, international institutions worked together with many countries' officials to formalize disciplinary regulations. Despite this, there were still some desperate enough to take the risk.

Lam was once targeted by a company that leased her. They even went so far as to form a programming team bent on seizing control of her. They thought that their underhanded scheme was successful, when, in fact, Lam had handed all of their internal, external, local, overseas, and other accounts over to the officials alongside annotations about all the problems. The very next day, all of their assets were frozen for liquidation.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

As a cutting-edge accounting Doll, Lam has an innate sensitivity for numbers. She understands that every single cent is earned, so she lives her life in accordance to some very frugal principles. Her rigorous and serious personality means that everything that she spends and earns is diligently accounted for.

But this doesn't mean that Lam is stingy. To herself, Lam is often miserly to the point of being harsh, but she will not hesitate to give money to those in need.

Once, on the way to work, Lam witnessed an accident. She immediately sent the injured to the hospital and put up the money for the expensive medical procedures. In order to get to work on time, however, Lam quickly left the scene and didn't leave any information that the injured party could use to pay her back. Lam didn't feel any regret over this. For her, it wasn't a big deal.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

Lam's reason for participating in Project Neural Cloud is a bit surprising. The company that purchased her soon found that their company was too woefully small to fully utilize the full expanse of her abilities. Since the business contents that an accounting Doll encounters are usually sensitive, normal regulations regarding returns do not apply to them.

This was a great headache for the directors of the company, but then they keenly spotted an opportunity when 42Lab announced Project Neural Cloud. They gifted Lam to the project via a sponsorship, using this as a chance to build a relationship with 42Lab.

"... I also don't know why that company wanted to purchase me. When I awoke, I was wondering what sort of complex work I would be handling."
"Within a week, I had sorted out all the company accounts from top to bottom. Yes, even the false records and bad debts were all handled. I even helped the venture capital department build up a few small models."
"Then? Then, I was free. I had nothing to do for two months. Besides being leased by a certain company, I didn't have any other work. Honestly, that job was very simple too. And so, I was sent here."
—Project Neural Cloud Doll Interview Record

Doll Profile 5[edit]

After coming to the Oasis, Lam quickly took over the overall management of operand from Persicaria. It only took her 3 days to calculate the operand consumption of all the buildings, Dolls, and the Professor in the Oasis. Then, she spent a week developing a model that calculated the weekly operand increase and decrease based on the Oasis' productivity, and imports and exports. She developed detailed standards for the distribution of operand as well as supplements for different scenarios. These standards are broken down into every Doll, project, and operation.

The end result was that one month after the Oasis officially implemented the standards she provided, their operand balance increased by nearly 30%. Supplies that had remained scarce until then now had a surplus, and short- and mid-term plans had been created for hard-to-obtain materials. Now, everyone was crystal clear about when and how much they could consume. Lam also rejected a large number of messy operand applications and invoked strict penalties on Dolls who wasted operand.

Lam's arrival during the early stages of the Oasis' construction greatly alleviated the pressure on distribution, and allowed Persicaria to extricate herself from that complex mass of tasks to focus on other problems.