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Lam Story Profile Quotes
Full name Lam
Index 1036
Rarity 1
Class Sniper
Affinity Attacker
Affiliation/Company Universal Anything Services
Birthday 9-Dec
Voice actor Nitta Hiyori
Artist RFF
Released on CN (拉姆), EN, TW, KR, JP
Arma Inscripta CN

Playable character in Project: Neural Cloud.

    For the corresponding character in Girls' Frontline, see LWMMG.


This unit is available in Basic Search (with Search Terminal at max level), Advanced Search, Targeted Search (banners marked as "Limited") and Exclusive Search.

Stats / Data[edit]

Initial stats scaling[edit]

Type Rating
Attack Growth C
Hashrate Growth C
HP Growth C
Physical DEF Growth C
Operand DEF Growth C

Stats (for CN server)[edit]

How to use
Max HP Crit Rate
Attack Crit Damage
Hashrate Physical Penetration
Physical Defense Operand Penetration
Operand Defense Dodge Rate
Attack Speed Post-battle HP Regen


Algorithm Slots[edit]

White tiles are unlocked by default. Blue tiles are unlocked by upgrading the Doll. Black tiles cannot be used.

Icon PNC Algorithm Offense.png Offense Icon PNC Algorithm Stability.png Stability Icon PNC Algorithm Special.png Special

Preferred and Disliked Gifts[edit]

  • Preferred gifts
    • Item Coffee.png Coffee
    • Item Working Meal.png Working Meal
    • Item Fast Food.png Fast Food
  • Disliked gifts
    • Item Deluxe Cake.png Deluxe Cake
    • Item Afternoon Tea.png Afternoon Tea
    • Item Extra-large Cake.png Extra-large Cake
    • Item Petit Four.png Petit Four

Background info[edit]

A Universal Anything RM&IA Accountant model specialized in finance, accountancy and auditing. Universal Anything Services' RM&IA Doll has had a profound impact on the financial landscape of the 2050s. RM&IAs are equipped with multicore processors and high capacity memory modules, giving them work performance that is far superior to their peers. Their efficiency is such that the unions are wary of it and it has made them the topics of much discussion. This RM&IA Doll is taking part in the Project Neural Cloud trial as a private collaborator, though the exact reasons for that are unknown. The RM&IA was equipped with high-performance and high-speed multicore CPUs, high-capacity storage modules and liquid cooling, the better to meet the requirements of accounting work. Lam is not one of the Dolls who were part of the lend-lease arrangement between 42Lab and UAS. She is taking part in Project Neural Cloud in the role of a sponsorship product from a private company. "Absolute rationality is a job requirement and my credo."[1]



Main artworks

Alternative artwork

Alternate expressions


  • Lam is the original name of MG LWMMGThumb button.pngLWMMG  from Girls' Frontline.[2] The word “LWMMG” also appears on her weapon and shorts.
  • Lam's weapon is modeled after a Fuller cylindrical slide rule.
  • The words “import pandas as pd ; xgboost as xgb ; numpy as np ; sklearn as sk” appear on the file she is holding. These are programming operations in Python to import four well-known libraries dedicated to mathematical operations, Machine Learning and data manipulation and analysis. The words “100% Overfitted” appearing on her weapon and collar is also Machine Learning terminology, as is the memetic expression “Hands off, this machine is learning” on the lining of her coat.
  • In her Ocean Dancers series costume, Lam fishes an octopus with a figurine of Persicaria, as a reference to videos of Japanese anime fans using various bishoujo figures to the same effect.