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Lam Story Profile Quotes


Lam exhibits the same personality traits as MG LWMMGThumb button.pngLWMMG . She is serious to a fault, but this seriousness is born from a deep devotion to her friends. In her voice lines, she shows that she is thrifty but not to the point of being a miser, and that she has given deep thoughts to the differences between humans and Dolls. She often talks bluntly, but does not disregard good manners either.

As an accountant Doll and the overseer of Oasis' operands, she keeps a tight lid on the ledgers and not even the Professor can escape her watchful eye.[1][2]

Story involvement[edit]

Main story[edit]

Lam is a member of Oasis' headquarters, where she is in charge of managing the operands flow of the sector. She was found and brought back to the Oasis before the events in Sector Copley.[3]

She participated in the defense of the Oasis during the second Entropic attack by processing battlefield information with Daiyan and relaying it to Persicaria and the Professor.[4][5]

Side stories[edit]

Along with the Professor,  AntoninaAntonina ,  CentaureissiCentaureissi and  KseniaKsenia , Lam participated in the trap to make  KuroKuro do actual work by rigging a spin-the-bottle game and designating her the organizer for the Oasis' New Year party.[3]

During the Valentine's day event, she closely monitored the production of chocolates to catch anyone trying to filch more than their part.[1]

Before Project Neural Cloud,  YelenaYelena met Lam in a bar as Lam's manager sought reassurance on an upcoming deal. Yelena told their fortune and claimed it would be successful, and her analysis based on big data left a strong impression on Lam.[6] After Yelena decided to end her career as a Fortune Telling show host, she took Lam's offer and joined her company.[7] When Yelena arrived at the Oasis, an unusually excited Lam immediately requested that she joins the Financial Department. Persicaria and the Professor joked that Lam was considering a career change and seeking a producer to become an idol singer.[8]

Heartfelt House of Cocoa - Lam's Valentines story[edit]

Late on Valentines' day, the Professor visits Lam who is working late as usual to close the Oasis' ledger. In her habit of taking all the work on herself, she doesn't let the Commander help until she has finished, and it's gotten too late for them to go out. Nevertheless, the Professor wants to take a night walk with her. When the Research Department triggers a rainy weather simulation, the Commander and Lam walk under the same umbrella.

Lam can't find a topic of conversation, so the Professor asks her to talk about her work. She notes that she was against the Valentines event because the Oasis operands flow is still in tension and it added to her work, but she expresses her gratitude for the chocolates the Professor gave her.

Before she can talk about her feelings more, Lam is called by Riko and must return to the office to draft a new spending plan. She gives her carefully selected return chocolates to the Professor and starts to leave, but the Professor insists she must walk with them until they reach the dorms, giving excuses like needing her umbrella or measuring the commute time of the agents. After much insistance and the assurance that the Professor will personally handle Riko the next day, Lam accepts to delay her work and bids the Professor to get closer under the umbrella as they continue to walk in the rainy night.


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