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Full name Riko
Affiliation Magrasea
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown
Released on CN, EN, TW, KR, JP

"I can't sleep yet, I still have work to do..."

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Riko is the leader of the Exchange Trader Agents from Magrasea.[1] Like all Agents of her type, she buys and sells various resources, including information, while traveling between Sectors. Riko meets the Exiles in Rossum and helps them navigate the sector under the Sanctifier menace in exchange for information on the outside world,[2] then became the dedicated merchant of the Oasis,[3] unwilling to leave the promising new sector to other Traders.[1]

Character Info

Like all Agents in Magrasea,[4] Riko has animal features, specifically a fox tail and ears. She is the counterpart of Kalina in Project Neural Cloud: aside from her penchant for money, she is never seen without a tablet in hand and has bright red hair in a ponytail. She mans the game's shop.

Riko became the leader of the Exchange Traders after the Magrasea backup came offline. As inter-sector communications closed, the jobs of Traders became extremely dangerous and their numbers dwindled until Riko advocated for cooperation instead of acting individually. By pooling information and resources, Traders managed to restart operand circulation in the backup.[5]



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