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The Professor

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The Professor
The Professor
Full name The Professor
Affiliation 42LAB
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown
Released on CN, TW

"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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The Professor is, indirectly, the player character in Project Neural Cloud. They directed the project between 2058 and 2060, but disappeared after the incident that wiped all the project's data.[1] Like in other Girls' Frontline game, their gender is left to the player's choice.

Story Involvement

On 23 September 2063, Persica digitized the consciousness of a Tactical Commander from Griffin & Kryuger, whose investigations helped in recovering an offsite backup of Project Neural Cloud. Assuming the identity of the Professor and relying on their experience with electronic warfare, they were tasked to make contact with the Neural Clouds inside and connect with the outside world to reveal the whereabouts of the Professor and the reasons behind Project Neural Cloud's incident.[1][2]

While the new Professor's help saved the Exiles, there was no hiding that their behavior was far too different for them to be the same person, drawing some suspicion from some Dolls like Antonina.[3]



  • The commander posing as the Professor in Project Neural Cloud has not yet been confirmed to be The Commander (with capital C) from Girls' Frontline and Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium or another tactical commander from Griffin & Kryuger.
    • One of the teaser materials for Project Neural Cloud includes a report from a G&K commander to their superior, taking place two years after the project stopped, about discovering hidden calls for help in I.O.P. emails. Their discovery is shelved at the time but may be related to the commander's investigations that led to the recovery of the Magrasea backup mentioned in the game's prologue.
    • The ARG materials contain both a report on the dangerosity of the consciousness digitization used by Persica (also mentioned by Antonina in 1-4D), and an investigation report from Svarog Heavy Industries on a G&K commander who operated from Area S09, with a track record including high commanding abilities, small-scale operations against Sangvis Ferri, multiple cyberwarfare experiences, exposure to collapse radiation and loss of teeth in operations, and service after Kryuger's capture. Aside from cyberwarfare experiences, this is consistent with the Commander's service record.
    • Because no main story event from Girls' Frontline is identified as taking place in 2063, it can't be used to ascertain precisely if the Commander could have participated in Persica's plans.
    • Clukay knows about the commander's identity.
  • The Professor shares Croque's passion for mecha anime.[4]