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Croque Story Profile Quotes
ME78 "Croque"
Full name ME78 "Croque"
Index 1005
Rarity 3
Class Guard
Affinity Tank
Affiliation/Company Svarog Heavy Industries
Birthday 10 July
Voice actor Ogura Yui (小倉唯)
Artist 柱柱 (Original);
薯子Imoko (Childlike Fantasy series costume)[1]
Released on CN (克罗琦), EN, TW, KR, JP
Arma Inscripta Reforged Aegis-Ez4 (EN, CN)

Playable character in Project: Neural Cloud.


This unit is a starting unit. It is given to all players once they have completed the tutorial.

Stats / Data[edit]

Initial stats scaling[edit]

Type Rating
Attack Growth C
Hashrate Growth B
HP Growth B
Physical DEF Growth A
Operand DEF Growth A

Stats (for CN server)[edit]

How to use
Max HP Crit Rate
Attack Crit Damage
Hashrate Physical Penetration
Physical Defense Operand Penetration
Operand Defense Dodge Rate
Attack Speed Post-battle HP Regen


Algorithm Slots[edit]

White tiles are unlocked by default. Blue tiles are unlocked by upgrading the Doll. Black tiles cannot be used.

Icon PNC Algorithm Offense.png Offense Icon PNC Algorithm Stability.png Stability Icon PNC Algorithm Special.png Special

Preferred and Disliked Gifts[edit]

  • Preferred
    • Item Model Kit.png Model Kit
    • Item Spaceship in a Bottle.png Spaceship in a Bottle
    • Item Digital Toy Brick.png Digital Toy Brick
  • Disliked
    • Item Meal for Two.png Meal for Two
    • Item Honey.png Honey

Background info[edit]

A Svarog Heavy Industries ME78 mechanical engineer model, skilled in mechanical design, adjustment, analysis and maintenance as well as engineering data simulation, computing and analysis. The CEO of Svarog, Elon Thomas, was personally involved in the design of this model. Croque entered service in July 2056 in Svarog's core engineering division and took part in many cutting-edge R&D programs, including Thomas' Noah Reactor Collapse Fluid energy generator. She was selected for the first batch of Dolls test subjects for Project Neural Cloud in January 2058. "The rhythm of the transmission, the intricate fit between gears, the regular cycles of the gas valves... ahhhh, it makes me sooooo excited (in all sorts of ways)!"[2][3]



Main artworks

Alternative artwork

Alternate expressions


  • According to a loading screen tip: “Croque's mech, Aegis, was originally to be Svarog Heavy Industries' prototype for a round of military bidding, but eventually lost out to the Minotaur series produced by Sangvis Ferri.”
  • A low resolution reproduction of the cover illustration for World is Mine by Supercell as well as a “boobs mousepad” are visible among Croque's anime merch collection in her Jumping Into Spring series costume.