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Croque Story Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Ah. G'morning.
Afternoon It's afternoon.
Evening It's getting dark and I'm still not done with the repairs.
Night The late-night anime, Metal Suit Gamma is starting soon. Ah. Professor, are you going to watch it with me?
Main Interface Voice I'm on a mission. Leave me alone.
The sound of machines moving and gears gnashing, I can never have enough of that, ehehehe...
You've fallen asleep...
Professor... Can I go back to my room? It's too bright out here.
Interactive Voice ...
Stop it...
Relationship Dialogues Professor... What do you need? If you have nothing to say, I'm returning to my work. Huh? You need my help with some paperwork? Please no...
Erm... Well, I'm just taking a small rest. Working continuously over a long time can cause irreversible damage to my Neural Cloud. By the way, Professor, have you ever watched Super Alloy Demon God Haryuumaru?
I don't really like talking to people. I prefer to stay at home and build plastic models, or mess around with my Gilbert's Atomic Energy Lab set. Those are my only hobbies really.
Professor, you want us to go for a walk together? Hehe. Somehow I'm feeling happy about it... Should we go shopping?
Professor, let's go check on the latest plastic models in the electronics quarter together once we return to the real world. This is a secret promise, only between the two of us... If you back out, I'll have you know I'm awfully good at bonking people with my wrench.
Moods Hehe...
Accept Okay.
Agree Hmm.
Appreciate Woah...
Feeling Alright!
Oath An oath...? W-what did you just say?! So if I agree to it, I'll be able to watch anime all night long with you every day...!? Then if everything goes well, perhaps I can turn you into an anime otaku too... Hehehe. Then I'll never run out of topics with you.
Obtain Croque, mechanical engineer, reporting for duty. Oh, don't mind me. A seat in the corner will be just fine.
Neural Cloud Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough My tasks are done.
Neural Expansion I should be able to repair more complex machines now.
Max Neural Expansion
Once you've got an understanding of basic mechanics, the rest all comes naturally.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Ready to go.
Battle Start Aegis activated.
Ultimate Skill Alright punks, show me what you've got!
MVP1 Battle finished.
MVP2 Threat extermination complete.
Retreat It's not over yet...
Ugh. What a hassle...

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas I'm not going to the Christmas party unless there's a limited edition Metal Suit figure in it for me... Oh. I'll take back what I just said. Professor, how did you get your hands on this!?
Halloween This pumpkin's shape looks exactly like Eismma, the villain robot from Metal SuitGamma. Eismma is legendary for taking on three main characters all on its own.
New Year Happy New Year. Do you need me for anything? If not, I'll be leaving...
Tanabata This watermelon seems to have grown horns... How about we name it "Green Meteor"? This ought to move 3 times faster than ordinary watermelons, according to the lore.
Valentine Here, some motor oil and rubber flavored chocolates that I made by hand... Eh? Why do you look so pale?
Player's Birthday Hmm... I have no idea what to get you. How about... we watch anime together? We can spend a nice, lazy day inside.