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Croque Story Profile Quotes


ME78, an engineer Doll designed by Svarog Heavy Industries CEO Elon Thomas in July 2056, is a member of Svarog Heavy Industries' Core Engineering Department and has participated in a range of cutting-edge research projects.

42Lab and Svarog Heavy Industries reached an initial agreement in January 2058 to collaborate on the first batch of high-tech talents. Croque joined Project Neural Cloud as the key engineer for Svarog Heavy Industries.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

Everyone's first impression of Croque is that she's cold and disinterested, or to be more exact, the epitome of the stereotype of all engineers. Croque is completely uninterested in everything but mechanics. When she starts working, she loses track of time.

She despises being interrupted while working, even if the supposed guests are her close friends. In that case, she would simply shift her attitude from harsh to indifferent.

Most of the time, Croque only speaks to her simulated consciousness, that which implies she no longer has time for nonsense and is now fully dedicated to her work.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

Although Croque may seem aloof and icy at work, she is quite easy to get along with if you hold an expertise in mechanical engineering and vast knowledge regarding mecha-themed works.

Croque is a well-known toy model collector at Svarog Heavy Industries. In her dorm, she has an entire wall of models and figurines from all of the mecha animation movies available on the market.

There was a time where Croque's hobby even caused an issue for Svarog Heavy Industries' legal department. Croque painted a new military mech with the same coating as one from an animated film, which was spotted by a fan when it was on exhibit. It led to a nonsensical legal battle.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

Croque's specialties are not just limited to military mechanical engineering. In fact, she is the chief engineer behind Svarog Heavy Industries' energy core project‑"Noah's Reactor".

Under Croque's guidance, Svarog Heavy Industries' Core Engineering Department made 16 technological discoveries and completed the reactor's research two months ahead of time, which accelerated the research development of other energy projects.

As a result, Croque and her team rose to the top of the field, collecting multiple accolades from the International Mechanical Engineering Association.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

Croque's shapeshifting shield, "Aegis", was once a prototype for Svarog Heavy Industries' next-generation mech weapon used in military bids. Aegis can change shape in comparison to other competing products, providing unrivaled battle versatility.

The intricate structure utilized for shapeshifting, on the other hand, comes at a high expense. Putting cost to effectiveness first, the military buyer eventually settled on "Minotaur", a product of another military supplier, Sangvis Ferri.

As a top-rate mechanical engineer, Croque saw a great deal of modification potential in Aegis. She reinforced Aegis with a slew of practical features, transforming it into a one-of-a-kind combat shield that combines beauty and functionality.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

Croque feels at home in the Oasis. She doesn't agree with the Wipe-off Incident, but she does want to stay in Magrasea, because she can do whatever she wants in here instead of adhering to the engineering department's research agenda.

Croque's time in the Oasis has been filled with numerous creative ideas, making it her most prolific period for research and invention. Most importantly, she is not required to submit a report for her research!

Croque's sole complaint about the Oasis is that she can no longer view the latest anime series. Yes, she can restore past episodes from her database, but the thrill of following the latest episodes can never be replicated. She has to give up her passion for watching anime and devote all of her unsatisfied energy to work.