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General info[edit]

Also known as: 薯子chuko, chukofanfan, _imonatsuki_, mikururumisora and いもこ

Pinyin for artist name 薯子 is 'Shuzi', typically addressed as Imoko. Imoko is part of MICA team's art department, apart from G36 and all of her alternative arts, some login background and promotional arts related to the game are also produced by Imoko.

Where to find[edit]

薯子Imoko worked on the following assets[edit]

The artist may only be responsible for some of the illustrations. Please see the linked page for details.


Thumb button.pngG3664 Thumb button.pngMinos1034 Thumb button.pngQBU-88261 Thumb button.pngQBZ-191361 Thumb button.pngRico1024 Thumb button.pngSL8296 Thumb button.pngTae1035 


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HOC Units[edit]

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Neural Cloud characters[edit]