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Full name Nian
Affiliation Other
Class Warrior
Artist Unknown

Nian is a special enemy in Project Neural Cloud.

Stats / Data[edit]

Nian is classified as Melee and Breakout.

  • Daunting Roar (20s): Continually deals Operand Damage equal to 50% Hashrate to all enemies, decreasing their ATK and Hashrate by 10% for 6 seconds, max 5 stacks. If at time of casting no [Calamity Crystal] is present, or [Calamity Crystal] is destroyed, immediately stop casting. After casting is complete, regain 1 [Calamity Crystal]
  • Howling Assault (20s): Pounce towards the enemy with the lowest Max HP, dealing significant Operand Damage equal to 888% Hashrate. (Did you know that the number 8 is considered lucky in Chinese tradition?)
  • Spectral Annulment: While possessing [Calamity Crystal], reduce the Attack Speed of attackers by 50% after taking damage from a normal attack.
  • Disaster's Advent: Gain 3 [Calamity Crystal] at start of battle. [Calamity Crystal]: Deal 33% more damage. After receiving 10 instances of critical damage, [Calamity Crystal] shatters; [Calamity Crystal] repairs 1 crack every 5 seconds. After all [Calamity Crystal] is lost, incoming Crit Damage is increased by 100%.


Nian appears in Springtime Ruckus, where it is relevant to the plot, and during the fifth challenge stage of the event Joyful Reunion, acting as a final boss of sorts for the event.

It also appears in the harder stages of Algorithm Collection "Extraction - Critical".



  • The original name of this enemy is 年獸 (niánshòu), the Chinese legendary “New Year's Beast”.