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Fireworks Incident

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The "Fireworks".

The Fireworks Incident[1][2] is a military operation led in the Western Military District of the Neo-Soviet Union by rebel special forces of the KCCO under General Carter's orders in the night of 3 to 4 october 2064. The name comes from the fact that it began at the same time as the Unity Day fireworks show in Berlin.[3]

Under the pretense of a blanket action against military and paramilitary targets, the true goal of the KCCO was to destroy Griffin & Kryuger on behalf of Paradeus.

Western Military District offensive[edit]

At 11:00 PM local time on 3 October,[Note 1] the offensive began when KCCO mobile artillery launched volleys of missiles in multiple districts of the Western Military District of the NSU. The attack was quickly reported by Shadowless on Aktuelle Kamera in Berlin.[3][4]

The first report of the attack reached Moscow at 11:15 PM from border outpost Kubinka-2 moments before it stopped transmitting. Recon drones were dispatched and the massive artillery fire on military targets became known, though the ongoing electronic lockdown of the Western Military District prevented the reception of casualty reports.[4] PMC bases were also targeted.[5] More military bases went offline after the bombardment just as air defense warnings started to appear from the local Aerial Intelligence Center, signaling a variety of fighter aircrafts such as MiGs in Krakow, a Sukhoi heading north in Prague and Ilyushins approaching Lviv, all of unidentified allegiance.

Nearly all army and air units, including ATCs, PVO bases and the 1st Air Defense Corps, were unresponsive. The only exception was the 105th Guards Mixed Aviation Division at Voronezh Base, which maintained contact and started launching interception figthers. The Western Military District’s HQ deployed an helicopter to Moscow to establish contact. StateSec chief Victor Zelinsky was informed of the situation and ordered Voronezh Base to cancel all sorties, as the AIC intelligence might have been a trap, and convened with the Western Military District’s CINC, the Air Force Commander and the command staff of the 1st Air Defense Command, and the Minister of Defense to organize the restoration of communications with early-warning radars in Kaliningrad in case of SAM launches.

However, Zelinsky knew that the massive attack was still only a diversion.[4] The soviet Rossartrists allowed the attack to take place in order to root out Carter's rebels.[6]

Operation Marduk[edit]

As soon as the attack started, a special transport aircraft left for the Griffin & Kryuger base in Area S09. The elite KCCO troops it transported were ordered to conduct Operation Marduk: they were to kill Berezovich Kryuger and Helian, destroy the servers containing the Neural Clouds of the Griffin Dolls, and demolish the base. With limited support from helicopter-mounted machine guns, the first team was to breach the base at 11:17 PM, the second team to establish electronic isolation to trap all Dolls in the base by 11:25 PM, and the entire operation to end by 11:48 PM. The teams expected no issue with the operation as G&K was only a civilian PMC.[4] At the time, the Area S09 base was operating with reduced personnel as only 50% if its Tactical Dolls had been rebuilt after the near-total losses of the Paldiski Incident,[7] and the newly acquired assimilated forces had been dispatched to Germany to reinforce the Commander.[8]

When Operation Marduk began, the personnel of Area S09 base were finishing preparations of the surprise party for Helian's ten years at G&K. At 11:00 PM, the artillery fire struck the base, temporarily trapping Helian in debris. Kryuger took command of the Frontline Combat teams and defended the base entrance while Helian organized a retreat. HG GSh-18Thumb button.pngGSh-18  organized first aid teams, HG Welrod MkIIThumb button.pngWelrod MkII  supervised withdrawal or demolition of key assets, and two squads led by RF NTW-20Thumb button.pngNTW-20  were ordered to flank the attackers and break through the enemy encirclement to call for help.[4]

Just as the first wave of attack waned at the main gate, NTW-20's squads reported the arrival of the air support helicopters before being destroyed, and the second wave pushed the defenders back into the base as recon teams attempted to snipe Kryuger from a distance. Welrod's disposal team became trapped in the warehouse they were clearing, but escaped back into the base thanks to Welrod's sacrifice.[9] The Griffin defenders suffered 50% casualties before retreating to basement 1.[10] Kryuger regrouped the Dolls in the dorms to organize a retreat to the basement levels, and boosted morale by reminding them that they had already faced and won a much bleaker battle at Paldiski.[5] Helian went to basement 3 to fetch Persica and the Neural Cloud servers, but they had to break into the lab as Persica was very reticent to move the neural cloud data on short notice.[9] The only way to secure the data was to compress it into a single server, at the risk of damaging the neural cloud data on decompression and losing all of it if the server was damaged.[5]

Marduk went well beyond the planned operation time because of Kryuger and the Dolls' defense, while all operations against other PMC targets had been quickly destroyed, and so Carter ordered to divert these resources to Area S09. While the surface structures were swiftly demolished, the KCCO troops were locked in a stalemate in basement 2. In the factory, Kryuger offered the remaining Dolls the choice to retreat with the server and the wounded to defend basement 3 or join the combat team to defend basement 2. To his surprise, most Dolls volunteered to join the combat team. Persica also activated dummies from the AR Team and remote-controlled them to participate in the battle. Kryuger ordered the Dolls to abandon all of their personal effects and dedicate themselves fully to their defense mission, leaving the factory littered in the Dolls' memories. At this time, Havier Witkin received permission from Mikhail Tsvigun to divert his personal resources to save G&K and Persica.[6] Meanwhile, the military forces captured traitors in their ranks, restored the Ministry of Defense hub systems from the electronic attacks that crippled it from the inside and took back control over their field bases.[11]

As the attack on basement 2 waned, Kryuger ordered a counterattack to push back the front line and retake the basement's armory. But the KCCO cut the power in the base, blocking the elevator transporting the server between basements 3 and 4, and knocking out Kryuger with an explosion during a surprise attack. While the main combat team led by SMG ThompsonThumb button.pngThompson  retreated to protect Kryuger, a team led by HG TokarevThumb button.pngTokarev  and comprising HG PPKThumb button.pngPPK , RF RibeyrollesThumb button.pngRibeyrolles  and HG MP-443Thumb button.pngMP-443  volunteered to restore the base's power.[12] PPK, Ribeyrolles and MP-443 mounted a defense line as a diversion while Tokarev sneaked past the KCCO troops to reach the power room. The defense line was destroyed by an automaton in a suicide bombing run, but Tokarev repaired the power line before making a last stand against the KCCO. She continued to attack so long after her body had become mangled that the human troops compared her to an unkillable monster, moments before she ran her own suicide bombing run.

As the KCCO managed to make way into basement 3, Havier's reinforcements arrived and bomber planes took out the KCCO troops above ground,[11] allowing the G&K troops to flush the enemy out and return to the surface.[13] With the Area S09 base mostly destroyed, Helian and Kryuger paid an last homage to their former home by leaving their G&K armbands in the ruins. The remaining troops embarked in a mobile command vehicle delivered by Havier and made way to Germany to assist the Commander in the fight against Paradeus.[14]


While they would be delayed at the German border, the surviving G&K troops would eventually link with the Commander in Berlin[15] to participate in Operation Muromets.

Despite the previous efforts of the Commander, a cargo plane carrying what are likely Iaso's Boxes reached Carter in the NSU so he could continue his plans.[14]

Griffin forces[edit]

† indicates Dolls destroyed during the battle.


  1. During Darkest Decline 1, the time in Moscow is ahead of the time at Area S09 by three hours. This is likely an error in the original script, as this would displace Area S09 far into Western Europe, or require a radical reinterpretation of contemporary time zones. Times in this article have been corrected.