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M16A1 (Boss) Story
Full name M16A1
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi animation

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AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1  when she went her own way following the end of Chapter 8-4E.


M16A1 (Boss) Makes her appearance during the Prologue of Singularity later returning as the boss of E3's Hidden mission. M16 also makes a return in Major Event Isomer as the boss of the Event. She has a story appearance in the event Shattered Connexion and makes her next major return in Polarized Light where we learn about her past involving the Butterfly Incident.


Don't underestimate "Our" Big Sister, M16A1 (Boss) is just as threatening as a boss as any other, upon engaging M16, she'll fire at us the same way she would when she was on our side, however M16 has a few tricks up her sleeve that makes her a lot more intimidating compared other SF bosses. On the top of being Armoured, here are some things you can expect her to do.

After a few seconds of firing, M16 will toss a flashbang at our girls, stunning them for 4 seconds, you cant avoid this, it will stun all your girls.

M16 will occasionally aim her gun towards the sky and fire a beacon into the air causing it to land randomly on our field, girls who are present where the marker is will take constant damage over time. The marker gives M16 buffs depending on what type of doll stands on top of it:

  • HG - Damage by 50%
  • SMG - Accuracy by 300%
  • AR - Armor by 200%
  • RF - ROF by 80%
  • MG - Evasion by 200%
  • SG - Debuffs your armor by 99%
  • None - ALL of the above

So don't ignore the marker, have a HG stand on it, since they give her the least beneficial buffs.

Line Grenade:
M16 will occasionally aim for 2 second before tossing 3 grenades at a column or lane on our side damaging units caught in the explosions, these grenades can target either vertically or horizontally.

When M16 gets below 25% HP, she calls upon support from Dreamer to fire an orbital strike at the doll with the highest DPS. It deals severe damage in a cross shaped area with the targeted doll at the center.