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"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Dreamer Assimilated Quotes
Full name SPACA "Dreamer"
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Voice actor Okuno Kaya
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP (ドリーマー)
Chibi animation

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Elite Defense Doll, Model SPACA

Combat-Oriented and possesses extremely long-range pinpoint sniping capability. She was only produced after the "Butterfly Incident", with Elisa as her direct superior. Her abilities mean she does not need to physically show up in person to do her job, so she usually stays in the Sangvis Ferri headquarters and bullies Judge for her own amusement. Her graceful smile hides arrogance and mystery. She is extremely mentally unstable and is very egotistical. In battle she reveals a maniacal, uncontrollable side. In addition, she possesses fearsome destructive power and will often disregard her allies safety. Fortunately she does not normally appear in direct combat.


Dreamer first makes her appearance as the boss of Chapter 7-6, 7-4E, 7-4M, as well as Chapter 8-6, 8-4E and 8-4M. Dreamer also makes an appearance in some Major Event's EX maps.


One of the most dangerous bosses in Sangvis Ferri's ranks, Dreamer starts every battle several tiles behind her vanguard, usually taking half-hearted potshots at your dolls. In chapter 7, this is all she does; Later, in chapter 8, she'll spice it up by attacking a random row with a telegraphed laser beam. Her lack of focus usually means that her hit rate is almost as bad as Destroyer's, but she's capable of frightening accuracy and firepower when she wants to.

A team of fully leveled HGs can quickly close the distance and eliminate the threat she poses, though this strategy can become nonviable if she fields heavier fodder. ARSMG and RFHG both work as well, however, make sure you are not equipping your RFs with camouflage capes, as this will heavily limit their speed allow Dreamer to start picking off your dolls before they can get into range.

Lore / Story involvement



  • Dreamer appears as the Ringleader unit for Protocol Assimilation season: "S05 Anti-Air Command", hinting that Dreamer was possibly developed for that said purpose.