Notebook/Fatal Performance

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Fatal Performance Fullstamp.png
Thanks to Contender's connections, the Commander was invited to a grand opera performance. However, behind the gorgeous stage lies a dangerous murderous intent. What will prove to be fatal against the Commander? A deadly ambush? Or the T-Dolls in costumes?

Featured T-Dolls[edit]

Collection Reward[edit]

Number of Collection Reward Image Details
3 Demon Hunter

Avatar Icon
Fatal Performance Reward1.png A photo of Thompson taken during battle. Even a hunter like her can make a mistake sometimes, but it is only because of her scars that she is this elegant and reliable.
5 Black Sports Motorcycle

Furniture (Floor Decoration)
Fatal Performance Reward2.png AEK999's beloved vehicle. Because she changes her attire before going out for a ride, only her close riding buddies know of the existence of this vehicle.
7 Theatre Performance

Base Background
Fatal Performance Reward3.png A photograph of the theatre before the start of the performance. Everything is under control//c except for what the Commander has wreaked upon his arrival.