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Anniversary Party Fullstamp.png
Compared to Griffin's anniversary banquet, the internal party is certainly more relaxing. On this night of commemoration, I'm sure the Commander wouldn't mind if we're a bit rowdy, right?

Featured T-Dolls[edit]

Collection Reward[edit]

Memorabilia Collected Reward Image Description
3 Anniversary Special Kalina

Avatar Icon
Anniversary Party Reward1.png The year together with the Commander was really fun! Please continue to spend just as much next year~
5 Steel Giant

Furniture (Wall Decoration)
Anniversary Party Reward2.png A painting that looks as if it's world famous. It gives you a heavy feeling in your heart every time you look at it…
7 Our Year Together

ID Card
Anniversary Party Reward3.png Remember, this edited photo must never be shown to certain important people that were cut out from the left side of the image.