Notebook/Symphony No. 4

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During the downtime between operations, the Dolls, unaccustomed to having so much free time, are eagerly making preparations for a party proposed by OTs-14. As the word spreads, the party turns into a large banquet, and the Dolls reveal to each other their hidden side...

Featured T-Dolls[edit]

Collection Reward[edit]

Number of Collection Reward Image Details

Furniture (Wall Decoration)
128px Though Death has brought me to a halt, please remember this... I have lived.

Furniture (Floor Decoration)
128px Please, please, please specify if it's a banquet or a party next time you promote an event. There's a huge differnece in scale between the two.

Avatar Icon
128px Do not hesitate, do not be distracted. Try to think — what exacty is your goal?

ID Card
128px Impossible! My way is definitely better! I'm calling for a vote on the forum! — Zas M76