Notebook/Honey Sweet Moment

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Honey Sweet Moment Fullstamp.png
The T-Dolls who took on an ad shoot mission reveal a rarely seen side of themselves. Will the moment of wearing a wedding dress be a special memory for them?

Featured T-Dolls[edit]

Collection Reward[edit]

Number of Collection Reward Image Details
3 Melancholic Bride

Avatar Icon
Honey Sweet Moment Reward1.png A picture of an expression that does not seem to match her attire. It is exactly this sense of dissonance that makes this photo worth saving.
5 Elite N.E.E.T. Sign

Furniture (Poster)
Honey Sweet Moment Reward2.png Another sign that reveals the true purpose of life. But is this "truth" reality?
7 Wedding Curtains

Furniture (Floor Decoration)
Honey Sweet Moment Reward3.png The bouquets on the curtains remind you of that sweet moment, even if it is filled with happiness that is not your own.
9 Cathedral

Base Background
Honey Sweet Moment Reward4.png You can't help but be serious when you enter this solemn building. The promises made here may be the sincerest of them all.