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"I can't sleep yet, I still have work to do..."

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Girls' Frontline Original Soundtrack is composed and arranged by Vanguard Sound. It is partially released in multiple CD formats, but the base game has more than 200 tracks when including collab event tracks. The CDs are first available with the artbooks, then released separately some time after. The first soundtrack was sold separately in 2019 and the second volume was released in 2020 in a standard edition, and an orchestra edition including a Blu-Ray.



Track name Heard in
Y2064 Title Screen
Day 1 Main menu and all menus without dedicated music
Achieve Factory and Research
Random Variable Bingo event screen
Café de Springfield Cafe
Combat Simulation Combat Sim battle
Curry Dorms
Horizon Combat selection
Make Sense Shop
Proud of You During Oath
Intel Garage and Intelligence Center
Exploration Room Forward Basecamp

Battle & Story[edit]

Track name Heard in
Safety First (Map1) Story missions
Green Light (Map2) Story missions
Beacon (Map3) Story missions
Sentry (Map4) Story missions
For The Record (Map5) Story missions
Host (Map6) Story missions
Nihilism (Map7) Story missions
Haza (Map8) Story missions
Stay ALIVE (Map9) Story missions
Refrain (Map10) Story missions
Made in Heaven Story missions with boss
Win When completing a map
Lose When losing a map
Battle Story scenes
Boss Story scenes
Brain Story scenes
Machines are Talking Story scenes
Vacance 6.64 Story scenes
Lyrique Story scenes
Danger Story scenes
Emotional Story scenes
Frontline Story scenes
Home Story scenes
Roommate Story scenes
Mission Select Story scenes
Room Story scenes
Sad Story scenes
Sneak Story scenes
Truth Story scenes
Victory Story scenes
War Story scenes
Casual Story scenes
Labyrinth Story scenes
Tension Story scenes

Story Events[edit]

Track name Heard in
Departure Operation Cube - Normal maps
Blackout Operation Cube - Boss maps
White Front Arctic Warfare - Day maps
To The Twilight Arctic Warfare - Night maps
Snowflake Arctic Warfare - Boss maps
Synthesis Catalyst Deep Dive -
Adaptive Algorithm Deep Dive -
Move On Deep Dive -
Excavation Deep Dive -
Mind Hack Deep Dive -
Barbarous Funera Deep Dive - Boss maps
Collapse Point Singularity - Promo video
The War has Begun Singularity - Mission select
Granular Assembly Singularity -
Autonome Singularity -
Escalation Singularity -
Mythoclast Singularity -
Cradle of Fear Singularity -
What Am I Fighting For Singularity - Ending
New Dawn Continuum Turbulence - Promo video
Intermission Continuum Turbulence - Mission select
Map1 Continuum Turbulence - Normal maps
Map2 Continuum Turbulence - Normal maps
Map3 Continuum Turbulence - Normal maps
Boss Continuum Turbulence - Boss maps

Seasonal Events[edit]

Track name Heard in

Collab Events[edit]

Track name Heard in

Volume 1[edit]

OST Volume 1.jpg

Included with The Art of Girls' Frontline Vol.1 in March 2017 then sold separately starting 24 July 2019 on the Japanese iStore and 14 October 2019 on NetEase Music.

Tracks list[edit]

  1. Y2064 / G.K
  2. Day1 / G.K
  3. D.O.L.L / G.K
  4. X5 / G.K
  5. Machines Are Talking / G.K
  6. Safety First.a / G.K
  7. Safety First.b / G.K
  8. Greenlight.a / G.K
  9. Greenlight.b / G.K
  10. Beacon.a / G.K
  11. Beacon.b / G.K
  12. Sentry.a / G.K
  13. Sentry.b / G.K
  14. Make Sense / G.K
  15. Horizon / G.K
  16. Initialize / G.K
  17. For the Record.a / G.K
  18. For the Record.b / G.K
  19. Host .a / Dr.RD / G.K
  20. Host .b / Dr.RD / G.K
  21. Nihilism.a / G.K
  22. Nihilism.b / G.K
  23. PROUD OF YOU / D.Yi
  24. Cuty / Rabbit J
  25. Made in Heaven / G.K
  26. Departure / Dr.RD / G.K
  27. Black Out / Dr.RD / G.K
  28. White Front / 金田充弘 (Basiscape)
  29. To The TwilighT / 千葉梓 (Basiscape)
  30. Snowflake / 東原一輝 (Basiscape)
  31. What am I Fighting For (ft. AKINO with bless4) / Haloweak (Not mentioned on Art Book OST)



  • G.K
  • Dr.RD
  • Haloweak
  • Rabbit J
  • D.Yi
  • 金田充弘 (Basiscape)
  • 千葉梓 (Basiscape)
  • 東原一輝 (Basiscape)

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Volume 2[edit]

OST Volume 2.jpg
Doll's Frontline Orchestra Concert Wallpaper.jpg

Included with The Art of Girls' Frontline Vol.2 in April 2019, with a Blu-Ray disc of the 19 October 2018 Shanghai Oriental Art Center and 8 August 2019 Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre concerts renditions, plus a small booklet with the tracks list, the lyrics to "What am I fighting for" and "Frontline" and artworks. Sold separately starting 17 June 2020 with and without Blu-Ray concerts.

Tracks list[edit]

Nr. OST Tracks
1 Synthesis Catalyst
2 Adaptive Algorithm
3 Move On
4 Excavation
5 Barbarous Funera
6 Mind Hack
7 Random Variable
8 Café de Springfield
9 Roomate
10 Vacance 6.64
11 Lyrique
12 Haze
13 Stay ALIVE
14 Refrain
15 Collapse Point
16 The War Has Begun
17 Granular Assembly
18 Autonome
19 Escalation
20 Cradle of Fear
21 Mythoclast
22 What Am I Fighting For
23 Frontline (English Version)
24 New Dawn
Orchestra Concert List
New Dawn
Day 1
Suite for the Arctic war
Black out
Mind Hack
What am I fighting for
Suite for the Vivid Memories
Proud of you
Suite for Singularity



  • Dr.RD [1, 2, 7, 10, 11, 15, 21, 24]
  • 東原一輝 (Kazuki Higashihara) (Basiscape) [3]
  • 渡辺里佳子 (Rikako Watanabe) (Basiscape) [5]
  • G.K [4, 6, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19]
  • Rabbit J [8, 9]
  • Haloweak [17, 22]
  • [email protected] [20, 23]
  • M2U [23]



  • Rabbit J [7]


  • KANASA [22]
  • NICODE [23]
  • TMDC [23]


  • エルム凪 (erumunagi) [5]
  • AKINO with bless4 [22]
  • Guriri [23]


  • Mixed by TMDC
  • Recorded at SQUARE MUSIQ Studio A

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