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Full name Hitoribocchi
Event type Collaboration
Released on CN

2017 Winter collaboration event. Event starts after 16th of November 2017 maintenance (CN).


New elements and mechanics

There's no new mechanic present in this event. Any mechanic that present in the Deep Dive will also present here, such as creating and maintaining supply line and rescuing hostages. Also worth to mention that Goliath+ has been modified to Walker (Burst) to fit the event story.

New T-Dolls

  • AR Murata HimekoThumb button.pngMurata Himeko  (Obtained as a reward for clearing E1-4)
  • HG KianaThumb button.pngKiana  (Obtained as a reward for clearing E2-2)
  • RF Raiden MeiThumb button.pngRaiden Mei  (Can be obtained as a drop in E1-3, E1-4, and E2-1)
  • RF BronyaThumb button.pngBronya  (Can be obtained as a drop in levels E2-2, E2-3. and E2-4)
  • HG TheresaThumb button.pngTheresa  (Can be exchanged in the event shop with nyan kings)
  • SG SeeleThumb button.pngSeele  (Can be exchanged in the shop with nyan kings)

New Fairies

  •  Yae Sakura (Obtained as a reward for clearing E2-1)
  •  Kaguya Hime (Can be exchanged in the shop with nyan kings)
  •  Chloe (Can be exchanged in the shop with nyan kings)

Event Shop

Upon defeating certain enemy in the event maps with S-rank, player can get Super Diamond Nyan King item. that can be exchanged with various items in the event shop. Hitoribocchi event shop can be accessed from the shop interface.

Exchangeable rewards and pricing as following:

Type Item Cost Stock Recipient
T-Doll SG SeeleThumb button.pngSeele  x120 1
T-Doll HG TheresaThumb button.pngTheresa  x120 1
Doll Costume Festival x120 1 SG SeeleThumb button.pngSeele 
Fairy  Chloe x80 3
Fairy  Kaguya Hime x80 3
Item Irreversible Fate x2 60
Item Poem of Light x2 60
Card Icon Kiana Kaslana x15 1
Card Icom Raiden Mei x15 1
Card Icon Murata Himeko x15 1
Card Icon Seele Vollerei x15 1
Card Icon Bronya Zaychik x15 1
Card Background Sorcerer-Collapse (tentative) x20 1
Card Background Solitary Master-Cover (tentative) x20 1

Event Maps