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Game Information
Index 1003
Artist Unknown
Released on CN

Chloe is an obtainable fairy in the game.


Character introduced during the collaboration event Hitoribocchi with Honkai Gakuen on November 16th 2017. Chloe[1][2] serves as a Battle type Technical Fairy in Girls Frontline. Chloe as a character had no story interactions during Hitoribocchi, merely introduced as a obtainable fairy.

Chloe is the chapter 3 boss of Honkai Gakuen (Guns Girls), Chloe refers to the violinist, but the physical Chloe that came in contact with HG KianaThumb button.pngKiana  was the puppet. When arriving at the theatre with RF Raiden MeiThumb button.pngRaiden Mei , Kiana stumbled upon a story book about Chloe, it is the first half of Chloe's story, the Fairytale.

"Once upon a time, there lived a well-known violinist named Chloe, traveling the world to deliver mesmerizing melodies that shook people. One day, she met a blind puppeteer on the street. Due to his blindness, the puppets he made were hideous, thus disliked by all passer-by. Chloe was deeply moved and decided to help the poor puppeteer. She played the most beautiful melodies in the world to attract customers to him. Grateful beyond words, the blind puppeteer put all his effort into making a doll that matches her beautiful music. Chloe and the doll then continued their journey to deliver music to people."

Kiana fell asleep during the story, she arrived at the dream world, the theatre of Chloe, Chloe greets her: "Bienvenue,Mon nom est Chole, Marionnette de Boulogne.". At the request of Chloe, Kiana listened to a melody, but she is attracted by the tune and desired to stay for another, another, and another. The puppet sensed a visitor, she wishes to keep Kiana's soul in this theatre forever, noticing this, Chloe pushed Kiana out of the dreams. Waking up at the theatre, Kiana came across the second half of the story, the Reality.

"Once upon a time, there lived a talented violinist named Chloe. Tragically, she was terminally ill, yet she always dreamed of living on to play her music forever. So she came to a blind puppeteer nearby, begging him to make her a puppet body that would allow her soul to reside in. Upon hearing her request, the blind puppeteer was deeply moved and decided to help her. He made her a puppet and promised to control it to play her music til' the end time. However, nothing last forever. Soon, the puppeteer found himself on his deathbed. Chloe's puppet panicked. If he were to die, she would become no more than a lifeless piece of wood. In desperation, she made the puppeteer build her a theater where they'd lock themselves inside forever. In the end, the puppeteer became her audience til' the end of time."

Mistaking that Chloe was being imprisoned by the Puppet, Kiana and Mei rushed in to the theatre, cut the Puppet's lose from her threads thinking it would immobilize them, little did the expect, it only deactivated the seal and set the Puppet free. After intense battles, Kiana and Mei manage to escape the theatre's endless encores when Chloe offered her assistance in suppressing the Puppet.


"Let's take out the trash."

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Game Data[edit]

Chloe chibi.png
Critical Damage
Critical Damage
?% 18.0%
?% 55.0%
?% 64.0%
Rate of Fire
?% 6.0%
Crafting Time


Main artwork[edit]

Gallery consisting of artworks used primarily in-game.


  • The obtain screen of Chloe is a melody: "Re Mi Re Mi Fa Fa Mi Mi Re"
  • Upgrade stage 3 art shows degradation and reveals Chloe's Puppet body.
  • One of the OST during Hitori Bocchi battle was a remix of Chloe's boss battle OST from Honkai Gakuen.


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