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Operation Cube Plus

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Operation Cube Plus ( 魔方行动+ ) is a time limited operation in Girls Frontline from March 30th GMT+8 to April 20th GMT+8 2017. It is an upgrade to last year's summer Operation Cube, with additional maps and more challenging boss fights. The core mechanics remain mostly the same: the entirety of the operation is night combat, which means Handgun T-Dolls and T-Dolls with high accuracy and/or the ability to equip Armor-piercing Ammo or Night Vision will be highly recommended.

Operation Cube[edit]

Main Article: Operation Cube

Operation Cube is a re-released map from last year's special operation of the same name with an update mechanics for E1-4 boss Ouroboros. For detailed walkthrough, see discussion for more information.

Blindfolded Rules[edit]

Blindfolded Rules is the second chapter for Operation Cube Plus. It contains four night combat maps for players to complete.

E2-1: Cross Foundation[edit]

Possible Hunter Elite spawn point, marked in yellow.
Route for searching Hunter Elite.

Icon banner arrow left.png Icon banner arrow right.png

Objective: Eliminate Boss Hunter Elite in 8 rounds. Clear map for 3 times to get reward: Item Calibration Ticket.pngx200.

Hunter Elite stats:
Health - 20000
DMG - 160
Rof - 60
Accuracy - 60
Evasion - 10
Armor - 30

Recommended echelon compositions: 2 standard RF+HG team for boss fight. If you could not muster two echelons for boss fight, it is recommended to focus your strength in one echelon and forgo the right route since Hunter Elite is more likely to spawn on the left side of the map.

  1. Deploy 2 echelons
  2. Follow the route marked in yellow to search for Hunter Elite.
  3. If your echelons are strong enough, you can simply take down the Jupiter Canon on the left of the landing zone to cut the detour.

E2-2: Dislocation Prediction[edit]

Possible Executioner Elite spawn point, marked in yellow.
Route for searching Executioner Elite.#1
Route for searching Executioner Elite.#2

Icon banner arrow left.png Icon banner arrow right.png

Objective: Eliminate Boss Executioner Elite in 5 rounds. Clear map for 5 times to get reward: Dorm furniture Night Cube

Executioner Elite stats:
Health - 30000
DMG - 180
RoF - 50
Accuracy - 70
Evasion - 15
Armor - 35

Recommended echelon compositions: 1 MG team for mob fight, 1 standard RF+HG team for boss fight. You will encounter Tarantulas on route, so make your MGs ready.
Boss mechanics:

  • Similar to Ouroboros, Executioner Elite in this map has a special attack called Excution Hybird Attack, which she will jump up to launch a massive attack on your echelon, hit tiles 65741(in numpad notation) in this order. The cut-in is fairly quick, so it is hard to evade once she jumps, it is best to move fragile T-dolls (like your dps) out of the way beforehand.
  • Executioner Elite will launch this attack at 75%, 50% and 25% of health, and she's invincible during the attack and a few seconds afterwards.
  • Other than her special attack, Executioner Elite will hit T-dolls in a row with her normal attack. Her target won't change unless the targeted T-doll is offline or retreat. Targeted T-doll could be put into a separate row if you want to reduce overall damage.


  1. Deploy your echelons, take the radar station on the left side of the airport.
  2. Check following scenarios:
    • If Executioner Elite spawns on the left top corner, she should appear in your sight now.
    • If she doesn't, check the point marked in red circle to see if it's occupied. If so, and you can see a Nemeum on you top right, then she's spawned on the right top corner. Follow the route marked in yellow shown in #1
    • If neither above scenarios happen, then she's spawned on the left bottom corner. Follow the route marked in yellow shown in #2

E2-3: Directional Algorithm[edit]

Architect's sole spawn point marked in yellow.
Turn 1 route
Turn 2 route

Icon banner arrow left.png Icon banner arrow right.png

Objective: Eliminate Boss Architect in 8 rounds. Clear map for 8 times to get reward: Item Token.pngx200

Architect stats:
Health - 36000
DMG - 200
RoF - 50
Accuracy - 100
Evasion - 30
Armor - 35

Boss mechanics:

  • Yes, she got invincible skill cut-in too. She will launch her Archit Missile Launch, which has two modes selected in random: one will hit the entirety of the battlefield and the other will be a cruciform hit. Either way, the T-doll in the centre will take the most damage. You could close the game then reboot for re-roll if she keep using the first mode.
  • Architect will launch this attack at 50% and 25% of her health, and she's invincible during the attack and a few seconds afterwards. T-dolls could be moved to evade her special attack.
  • Her normal attacks are AOE as well. The easy way to reduce overall damage will be to re-arrange your T-dolls after battle has begun. Her normal attacks cannot be avoid by moving T-dolls.
  • Her attack range is very long. That could be exploited by retreating her targeted T-doll so Architect will keep targeting her even when she's long gone.

Recommended echelon compositions: 1 MG team for mob fight, 1 RF+HG team for boss fight. 2 team of your choice for taking points.

  1. Deploy one of your point-taking echelon on the top left corner of the map, then deploy your MG team south of it.
  2. The point marked in red circle has a high possibility to be a powered-down Jupiter Canon. If so, take it down with your MG team, then move it to the radar station. If not, keep searching southwards till you find one, or forfeit the game to start anew.
  3. Move your MG team along the route marked in yellow to take the airport. If you see an functioning Jupiter Canon along the way, take the route marked in red and take the airport on top. Either way, it is recommended to deploy one more point-taking echelon back at the start of the map.
  4. Deploy your boss fight echelon in occupied airport, move it alongside with your MG team to avoid any damage to it. March towards Architect's spawn point to search for her. Bypass any functioning Jupiter Canon on your way.

E2-4: Reversal Sequence[edit]

E2-4 Map Layout
Ouroboros's turn 2 possible location #1
Ouroboros's turn 2 possible location #2

Icon banner arrow left.png Icon banner arrow right.png

Recommended path for location #1 and #2

Objective: Eliminate Boss Ouroboros Elite in 8 rounds. Clear map 12 times to clear: Grifon Elite Medal x 1

Ouroboros Elite stats:
Health - 40000
Damage - 200
Rate of Fire - 65
Accuracy - 80
Evasion - 35
Armor - 40

Recommended echelon compositions: 2 MG teams + RF+HG boss team (Lv.90+). RFs with high damage multiplier skills(e.g. M99, NTW-20, SV-98, OTs-44) and HGs with firepower tile effects + skills (e.g. Grizzly MkV, Mk23, Colt Revolver, Serdyukov, Bren Ten) are highly recommended, as they are capable of defeating Ouroboros in one skill rotation, before she even gets to use her cut-in. If you cannot form such an echelon, it's recommended to use an echelon centered around ARs with firepower oriented skills instead(e.g. OTs-14, 9A-91, Type 95, M4A1, G41, G36, 6P62).


  1. Deploy an echelon and move it south of the starting landing zone.
  2. Deploy another echelon on the starting landing zone to defend it and end the turn.
  3. At the beginning of the next turn, check if:
    • The neutral node between a random event node and landing zone has turned red, or
    • The nodes forming a triangular shape on the west edge of the map have all turned red
  4. If any of the conditions in step 3 apply, it means she is currently at that location. Proceed to these nodes by going south and curving around the Jupiter Cannon to reach the boss. Open up a path with a MG team before using the RF/AR team to fight the boss.
    • If none of these conditions apply, the location of Ouroboros cannot be confirmed and it is highly advisable to abort mission and retry. Deploy another fodder echelon and retreat the other echelons through the landing zone before doing to reduce ammo/ration loss.
  5. During the fight with Ouroboros, try to avoid losing HGs before RFs use their skills to secure a quick victory:
    • As soon as the battle starts, Ouroboros will target one of HGs, and since she does not have a range limit, she will continue shooting that T-Dolls until she is defeated or retreated. Quickly move another HG in front of her to minimize the damage she will take to maximize her chances of survival;
    • Shortly after Ouroboros will start using her missile attacks to hit the T-Doll closest to her frequently. Be sure to rotate T-Dolls on low heath out of front row to ensure that all HG T-Dolls are alive;
    • After 15 seconds in, both HG and RF T-Dolls' skills should be ready to use. The concentrated damage from these skills are enough to defeat instantly if the Both the T-Doll and skill levels are high enough. If not, be prepared for Ouroboros' cut-in attack which also makes her invincible for a short amount of time (even after her special attack is finished). Find a time when she is not invincible and use RFs' skills to defeat her.

If you are using an AR team, make sure to rotate your tanks against her missile attacks, and avoid her cut-in skill by moving around your T-Dolls.


Clear limited event maps in order to obtain the following rewards:

  1. E1-1: 16LAB Infrared
  2. E1-2: HG SPP-1Thumb button.pngSPP-1 
  3. E1-3: 16Lab Sub-Caliber Armor-Piercing Rounds
  4. E1-4: AR OTs-14Thumb button.pngOTs-14 
  5. E2-1: Item Calibration Ticket.pngx200
  6. E2-2: Dorm furniture "Night Cube"
  7. E2-3: Item Token.pngx200
  8. E2-4: Medal

Following T-Dolls can be obtained as drop from certain maps:

Map E1-2 E1-3 E1-4 E2-3 E2-4
AR ARX-160Thumb button.pngARX-160 
HG SerdyukovThumb button.pngSerdyukov 
RF PSG-1Thumb button.pngPSG-1 
HG Five-seveNThumb button.pngFive-seveN 
MG RPDThumb button.pngRPD 
SMG Z-62Thumb button.pngZ-62 
  • The above T-Dolls can all be obtained either from boss fights, mob fights, or from clearing the map. Note that mobs which spawn from airports NEVER drop T-Dolls.

Following exclusive equipment can be obtained from a certain map as a drop:

  1. Match Grade Armor-Piercing Ammo from E2-1
  2. Titan Fire Control Chip from E2-1
  3. .300BLK High-Velocity Ammo from E2-2
  4. GSG UX Exoskeleton from E2-2
  5. Hayha Memory Chip from E2-2
  • It is unclear as for now whether mob fights will drop exclusive equipment.


  • Some of the map names for this operation are actual terms used for Rubix cubes.

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