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The Photo Studio Mystery

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Full name The Photo Studio Mystery
Event type Seasonal
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN
Available in campaign menu No

2020 White Day Seasonal Event. Event starts after the 12th of March 2020 maintenance (CN). The other servers follow soon after with EN having the event begin following the 24th of March 2020 Maintenance.

This page will use elements from the CN version of the event, but will still take the other servers into consideration.


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Event run time[edit]

Title Period (start/end) Server Type Comment
照相馆谜题 2020-03-12 10:00 - 2020-04-02 03:00 (UTC)

CN Seasonal Event
The Photo Studio Mystery 2020-03-24 14:00 - 2020-04-14 07:59 (UTC)

EN Seasonal Event


A White Day themed non major story event, with a small story and relatively easy maps to go with it. On top of being an event, The Photo Studio Mystery will also have a rescue event live which will have 6 specific T-dolls which can potentially obtained from farming the respective maps

The Limited T-Doll drops and map listing is as follows:

Map Code Map Name Doll Drop (CN) Doll Drop (EN) Doll Drop (JP)
E1-1 The Empty House SMG UMP40Thumb button.pngUMP40  SMG UMP40Thumb button.pngUMP40  RF PzB 39Thumb button.pngPzB 39 
E1-2 The Griffin Builder SMG KLINThumb button.pngKLIN  SMG KLINThumb button.pngKLIN  RF G28Thumb button.pngG28 
E1-3 The Missing MDR SMG PP-19Thumb button.pngPP-19  HG SPP-1Thumb button.pngSPP-1  SMG UMP40Thumb button.pngUMP40 
E1-4 The Crooked Man RF BallistaThumb button.pngBallista  RF JS05Thumb button.pngJS05  RF JS05Thumb button.pngJS05 
E1-5 The Seven Tangerine Pips RF SRSThumb button.pngSRS  RF DSR-50Thumb button.pngDSR-50  AR ART556Thumb button.pngART556 
E1-6 The Second Neural Cloud AR AUGThumb button.pngAUG  HG Five-seveNThumb button.pngFive-seveN  AR OTs-14Thumb button.pngOTs-14 

Overall difficulty

The Photo Studio Mystery has an overall difficulty level of story chapter 6 (and chapter 5 night). With only access to 9 maps, 6 night battles and 3 story nodes, expected CE for echelons should be 16000+, other then that, this Seasonal event is relatively easy. 1 ~ 4 Echelons, with levels ranging from 50 ~ 70+ with moderate equipment as well as PEQ's will be your only requirements to clear this event.

New elements and mechanics

No new elements are present with this mini-event. During the event beating an event map yields you 10x Tangerine CoinsItem Tangerine Coin.png with a limit of 60 per day. You can exchange these at the event shop.

Event Shop

The Photo Studio Mystery event shop can be accessed from the shop interface.

Exchangeable rewards and pricing as following:

Server Type Item Cost Item Tangerine Coin.png Stock Recipient
All Doll Costume "Strawberry Cake and Cosmos Flower" x150 1 AR FNCThumb button.pngFNC 
All Equipment BPR4 & SRM6 x80 1 AR MDRThumb button.pngMDR 
All Base Background Twilight City x120 1
All Furniture Wedding Dress Display Cabinet x100 1
All Card Background The Edge of Time x50 1
All Card Icon Tsavorite Girl x30 1
All Card Icon The Eye of Storytelling x30 1
All Item Item Token.png Tokens x3 100
CN/EN only Item Item Special Combat Report.png Special Combat Reports x2 60
CN/EN Only Gift Item Combat Report.png Combat Reports x2 60
JP Only Gift Item Combat Report.png Combat Reports x2 120
All Gift Item Strawberry Custard Cheesecake.png Strawberry Custard Cheesecake x2 50

Welfare Shop

To ease the limited edition doll looting process, the game introduced a form of "guarantee" system to the grinding process. In addition to have a chance at getting the desired dolls from specific enemy and the battle conclusion, players also gain another currency, with said currency, players can exchange all the limited edition dolls available in the event. Currency exchange shop can be found on the top tab of the Kalina's store. Additionally, there is NO LIMIT to how many medals you can obtain.

Defeating enemies/concluding battles that drops 3* and 4* rarity dolls will yield Item Nova Medal.pngx1 Nova Medal, while defeating enemies/concluding battles that drops 5* rarity dolls will yield Item Platinum Medal.pngx1 Platinum Medal. Medal cost for dolls will be dependant on the dolls rarity, 5* Rarity dolls will require Item Platinum Medal.pngPlatinum Medals while 4* and 3* Rarity dolls will require Item Nova Medal.png Nova Medals. List of T-Dolls available for exchange listed below:

Rarity T-Doll (CN) T-Doll (EN) T-Doll (JP) Item Nova Medal.pngItem Platinum Medal.png Medal Cost Stock
5-Star T-Dolls RF BallistaThumb button.pngBallista 
RF SRSThumb button.pngSRS 
AR AUGThumb button.pngAUG 
RF JS05Thumb button.pngJS05 
RF DSR-50Thumb button.pngDSR-50 
HG Five-seveNThumb button.pngFive-seveN 
RF JS05Thumb button.pngJS05 
AR ART556Thumb button.pngART556 
AR OTs-14Thumb button.pngOTs-14 
Item Platinum Medal.png x500 (x1500 Total) 1x Per Doll
4-Star T-Dolls SMG UMP40Thumb button.pngUMP40 
SMG KLINThumb button.pngKLIN 
SMG PP-19Thumb button.pngPP-19 
SMG UMP40Thumb button.pngUMP40 
SMG KLINThumb button.pngKLIN 
HG SPP-1Thumb button.pngSPP-1 
RF PzB 39Thumb button.pngPzB 39 
RF G28Thumb button.pngG28 
SMG UMP40Thumb button.pngUMP40 
Item Nova Medal.png x400 (x1200 Total) 1x Per Doll
Item Strawberry Custard Cheesecake.png
Item Strawberry Custard Cheesecake.png
Item Strawberry Custard Cheesecake.png
Item Nova Medal.png x5 (x1000 Total)
Item Platinum Medal.png x5 (x1000 Total)
200x Per Item Nova Medal.png
200x Per Item Platinum Medal.png

Event Maps

Below is a link to our strategy guide for the event, applies to all servers.



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The Notebook story White Album is a sequel of sorts to this event as RF Carcano M1891Thumb button.pngCarcano M1891  organizes a photo shoot with the wedding dresses from the abandoned mansion.[1]



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