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"Let's take out the trash."

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2018 Collaboration event with DJMAX RESPECT video game, event starts after 26th of April maintenance, closes after 17th of May maintenance. Event code name is Glory Day, the theme song for DJMAX RESPECT produced by BEXTER.

Glory Day described the adventure of AR K2Thumb button.pngK2 's squadron into the cyber world of Pocket City. The 5 T-doll main protagonists are K2, MG AEK-999Thumb button.pngAEK-999 , HG M950AThumb button.pngM950A , HG ThunderThumb button.pngThunder  and SMG TMPThumb button.pngTMP .



Glory Day event have four total chapters, however chapter 3 and 4 are just more difficult versions of 1 and 2, provides item rewards but no additional stories.

Overall difficulty[edit]

Considerably easier even when compared to the previous collaboration event Hitoribocchi, players with 3x - 4x expansion squadrons can complete the first two chapters with ease.

Since this event possesses no real difficulty, a step-by-step guide won't be present as it isn't necessary. Chapters section of this article will provide victory conditions, enemy info and notable points of interest.

New elements and mechanics[edit]

Event T-dolls Banner
  • New collab Extra T-Dolls
  • New collab Extra fairies
  • Event reward currency: Crown of Respect
    • Players will be rewarded with 10 crowns upon completing the event maps of chapter 1 and 2, chapter 3 and 4 does not give crowns
    • Crown reward eligibility is reset everyday at 00:00 am Beijing time
    • Crown symbol below map selection will indicate the crown reward eligibility
    • Crowns are event currency, used to exchange for items at the event shop

Glory Day Event Shop[edit]

Event currency and event shop Banner

Glory Day event shop can be access from the shop interface. Exchangeable rewards and pricing as following:

Item Crowns
Player Avatar: White Doll (Thunder) 20
Player Avatar: Cat Warrior (TMP) 20
Player Avatar: Windtalker (K2) 20
Player Avatar: Black Rider (AEK-999) 20
Player Avatar: Fallen Angel (M950A) 20
Player Avatar: Clear 20
Player Avatar: Fail 20
Player Avatar: Queen of Pocket City (Clear/Fail) 20
Profile Background: Pocket City Adventures 40
T-doll: HG FailThumb button.pngFail  120
Exclusive equipment Black Cat 120
Technical Fairy  Suee (3 in stock) 80
Technical Fairy  Preiya & Camilla (3 in stock) 80
Exclusive outfit for Kalina: Miss Black Cat 120
Furniture: Crystal Ball in the Dreams 80
Furniture: Old Fashion Rhyme Game Street Arcade 80
Combat Report Disc (50 in stock) 2

Hidden Boss and rhyme game[edit]

Hidden Boss

From chapter E1-2 onward this kind of boss formation will appear somewhere on the maps. DO NOT enter the one-way route and attack the boss without the event character HG ClearThumb button.pngClear  as part of the formation, otherwise the force shield on the boss will not deplete and the boss will be invulnerable.

The boss itself is simple and can be defeated with relative ease, defeating the boss will trigger the bottom T-doll group to move and initiate an Easter egg rhyme game similar to DJMAX gameplay style, the T-doll skill AUTO-CAST MUST BE TURNED OFF IN ORDER TO PLAY the mini-game. The in-game music is also advised to be turned on so the player can enjoy the hidden mini-game to the fullest.

Rhyme game interface

The rhyme game user interface is shown on the screenshot to the right.

The game's objective is to hit the correct skill icons to catch the falling blocks when they reach the blue line, the skill icons are replaced with symbols to represent a PSP's control buttons, left up triangle and circle, similar to the controls of a DJMAX game. The middle of the screen displays the max combo player achieved. Depends on songs, each T-doll have 500 or 1000 HP, when a block is missed or when the player strikes the wrong key, every T-doll will suffer -5 hp damage. End game battle rating is based on remaining T-doll hp, if T-dolls runs out of hp the mini-game will be considered a loss.



"This is classified information!"

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Pocket City Scenery

K2's squadron is assigned to guard a city ruin away from the front line, the city ruin holds very little value to both factions of the war, so the squadron sees very little action. K2 was given temporary Command Protocol access permission, so her squadron is able to operate without a human Commander. The squadron's daily life is relatively boring and dull, M950A as the vice-captain and the duty officer tries her best every day to keep everyone in high spirit and good shape. 950 spends most of her days chasing AEK-999, who she considers to be the prime slack-off candidate, this time though, 950 have partnered up with Thunder, just to supervise AEK. They chased AEK to the internet cafe thinking she slacking off again. The internet cafe was set up by TMP, TMP is a gadget girl, she salvaged and put together electronic equipment using materials HQ provided and locally salvaged electronic parts, the internet cafe now serves as their access point to the squadron's local server.

When they found AEK near the internet cafe, she denies that she was there to slack off, AEK proclaimed she was actually there studying old human history within the archive, 950 does not believe her. Their meeting was cut short when the base proxy alarm was set off by a Ferri logistic convoy passing by. After a brief meeting at the command room, the squadron dispatched to engage them under K2's command. Since it was a logistic convoy, even T-dolls who haven't fired a single shot for weeks made short work of them. After making a short complaint regarding the Ferri being too weak and lack of excitement, AEK returned to the city ruins. Determined to catch AEK red-handed this time, 950 dragged Thunder along with her to ambush AEK at the internet cafe.

After successfully ambushed AEK, they found out what AEK does in the internet cafe during her spare time, she connected herself to an Atlas space chair and appear to be unconscious. After poking and punching, the two confirmed that she has broadcasted her Digi-mind into a network. They soon followed AEK's trails into the network and entered the world of Pocket City, a lively and colorful city full of fairies. Astonished by what they found, the two decided to inform the captain regarding the cyber world, however, Thunder soon found out that she is unable to log off from the Atlas space. 950 decided to stay with Thunder and carry on the mission, she believes that she and Thunder are more than capable of handling this task since they are partners.


Appears to be a lively city, but something is not quite right, when inquiring a fairy resident with rabbit ears regarding their squad member AEK, 950 and Thunder found out that she seems to suffer from amnesia, the fairy can't remember her intended tasks or even her own names, the fact that she even knows the city's name is Pocket City was reminded to her by another resident.

Soon something more menacing appeared, the fairy residents panics and screams "Ferri", as echelons of Ferri raiders appeared in the city and began kidnapping the residents. 950 and Thunder decided to defend the residents before they began firing their captain K2 messaged them, promised to explain the details later, the two need to cooperate with her plans for now. K2 is using her command protocols to summon NPC T-doll units based on the Commander's forces to fight the Ferri raiders, while 950 and Thunder evacuated the residents to a local bar for shelter.

Waiting for you[edit]

NieN - Only For You

K2 successfully driven the raiders away, the rabbit ear fairy they met on the street now greets the two properly after witnessing their heroic acts, claiming that they must be the latest members of ATK, a group that always shows up to help when the Ferri attacks and tries to steal their memories. The fairies invited the two T-dolls to stay for a celebration, in Pocket City the residents repairs themselves physically and mentally through music, the fairy handed them an old pair of headphones for them to share and picked out a piece of music for the two. The two stayed and enjoyed the music when the music finished they sensed something within the music that lures them to stay in this world forever, 950 quickly jumped up and suggested that AEK's behavior might be because she wishes to leave the real world and stay here forever.

Amidst the celebration, a fairy pointed out a member of ATK among the crowd of fairies, a familiar outline reached their eyes, "So the T in ATK, is TMP...". Their sudden approach gave TMP a fright, she activated Cover Focus and attempt to get away from the two. 950 and Thunder split up and surrounded TMP when her forward path was blocked by Thunder, TMP tried to retreat the way she came, before she could react in time TMP found herself being captured by 950 who jumped down from above. Fortunately, before the two could begin the process of interrogation, K2 arrived to explain the situation.

Apparently the world of Pocket City is an old game save located on a portable gaming device, which TMP accidentally integrated with the squadron's local network when she was doing IT works, TMP suggests that the Ferri units are generated based on their server's data. K2 admitted everything, ATK stands for AEK, TMP and K2, the three have been trying to drive the Sangvis Ferri influence away from Pocket City, since they are originally to blame for introducing them into this world. The fairies gave them nicknames for their heroic deeds, K2 is known as Windtalker, TMP is Cat Warrior while AEK is named Black Rider, however AEK is not with them this time and they are also here to find her. As it turns out, K2 have been running this little game behind her vice-captain's back, the entire squadron knows about Pocket City, only 950 and Thunder didn't.

Sunset Rider[edit]

Entrance of Game Graveyard
Inside Game Graveyard

From what the fairy suggests, AEK is out searching for Game Graveyard, a mythical place none of the residents knows or remembers where it is located at. TMP claims she had a trail on a fairy twins who might lead them to the Game Graveyard, however the trail was lost when 950 suddenly appeared and frightened her. Luckily for them this time, the twins appeared before them and promised to lead them to the Game Graveyard, the group journeys with the twins. After several topics of debate among the group, regarding AEK, regarding Pocket City, regarding the Ferri influence here, they soon found themselves at the front gate of Game Graveyard.

With a slight push, 950 opened up the gate, the group marched into the graveyard. They cannot help but to comment on the graffiti and what is actually written on the tombstones, the twin fairy who stayed silent through out the journey finally spoke up: "Not only the living things can die.", "Fairies with their memory taken away will become like this.", the twins refers to the rumbling noise below the ground. K2's squadron is now under attack from mass amount of Rogue Programs, residents with their memories missing and have forgotten themselves completely, they gathered up and prepared to defend themselves against the Rogue Programs.

Towards the end of the fight 950 discovered what AEK truly does during her free times when she was about to kill the two remaining rogue programs, AEK appeared and stopped 950, she gave the Rogue Programs their missing piece, a pair of earphones that played a song, it reminded them of their lost memories, in a flash of light the Rogue Programs returned to their normal form, Sehra & Nina. AEK explained that those two fairies are her friends, they were just kidnapped by Sangvis Ferri and had their memories stolen, AEK promised to save them.

"Well, you see 950, I do study in my own times, I'm just studying the music history the humans left behind.", AEK answers the inquiry 950 had for her earlier in front of the internet cafe. When confronted by the group claiming that she wishes to leave the real world and stay in this one, AEK denied that claim, "Seriously, am I really that unreliable to you guys? I'm just here to save my friend as promised.". The brief reunion is soon interrupted again, with all the Rogue Programs killed and Sehra Nina returned to their normal forms, the antagonist revealed herself on top of a tombstone, Fail made a grand entrance and appeared before the group, introducing herself as the owner of the Pocket City.

As revealed, the world of Pocket City haven't changed for 50 years as the Third World War ended in the real world, Pocket City is abandoned by humanity, with no new music being made, with no new contents being added. As the owner of this world she is taking everyone's memories away for the sake of giving them happiness, if they forget about the fact that they were abandoned, they will all be happy. Fail is able to siphon memories even from a T-doll's Digi-mind, which explains why the logout options was missing for the entire squad, she even constructed Sangvis Ferri units based on external memory information that was leaked into the world to reinforce her reign.


After a brief exchange of words, Fail unleash her music, she cast the group into different mind dimensions to attack them all separately and psychologically in attempt to siphon their memories, AEK, TMP and K2 were sent to different sections of a maze, while 950 and Thunder were sent into a dream world consist of only themselves. AEK was found by Fail in the maze right away, she was ready to fight a hopeless fight against Fail alone in her nightmare, but she was soon backed up by K2 then TMP.

The dream world of Thunder and 950 is based on their garrison back in the real world, the story rolled back again to when 950 began knocking on the dorm's door in the morning. Thunder opened the door and greeted 950 again, with her Digi-mind being forced open by Fail, she can only speak truthfully to 950's questions. During their conversation AEK manage to contact Thunder from the outside, she told her to close up her Digi-mind as Fail is trying to siphon her memory. "Did you hear that?", Thunder questions regarding what AEK said, 950 replied saying she didn't hear anything. Combining her own observations on the strange behaviours, replies from 950 and AEK's message, Thunder concluded that this 950 is a fake doppelgänger made by Fail.

AEK instructed her friend Sehra & Nina to guide K2 and TMP out of their nightmare, as they remembered the way out, being rescued, TMP and K2 quickly broke AEK out of her nightmare. When backed up by her captain and TMP, Fail retreated from the fight to carry out with her next grand plan at the concert at the Black Square, with her new favourite.

"AEK you idiot!" TMP suddenly remarks, the two is angry at AEK for taking suicidal way of saving them, they almost failed to reach AEK in her nightmares. After hearing the educational speech from her captain, AEK laughs, "...Damn, I'm getting told off again even when I tried to save everyone.", she followed up saying: "Alright, I'll behave, but I physically can't be as nice girl as Thunder and 950... Speaking off which...", Sehra and Nina apologized saying Fail have hidden those two too deeply they failed to find them. The three quickly discussed the combat plan TMP thought of before entering the world, regarding how to save their comrades and the entire Pocket City.

The event in the dream world did not play out like how it did in the real world, the Ferri alarm raised again but a lot earlier, instead of a logistic convoy, their garrison is now under siege by a much stronger Ferri attack force. Thunder confronted 950 saying that she is a fake, the real 950 Thunder knows will never respond the way this 950 does. 950 invited Thunder to leave with her, even if she is just a fake, they still need to complete the journey to break free from this nightmare. "Treat it as a dream, complete this dream with me."

Upon completing the operation, 950 questioned Thunder, why does she not wish to stay in this dream world? Here, there are no more Ferri, no more G&K, only 950 and her. No one will ever hate her, no one will ever talk about her awkward expressions ever again, she get to stay with her closest friend forever. Thunder's mind is made up, she replied saying that socializing with the others may be difficult for her, but she does not wish to run away from it, only when faced with difficulty she can continue to grow, thus she need to leave the dream world and continue to grow strong. After she finished these words, her journey is now at an end, the dream world is now falling into digital fragments from Thunder's feet. "Very good Thunder, you passed the test...", 950 approached Thunder, she pushed Thunder into the white chaos beneath her feet.

"Wait! 950 are you...!?", 950 remains in the scattering world, "Yes, I'm the real one... I'm the real M950A.". 950 always craved for a world like this, despite her ace student acts in front of everyone, she lacked the courage to face herself truthfully until now. With her own Digi-mind forced open, she is unable keep up the acts, "Close up your Digi-mind! Fail is trying to invade you!", Thunder desperately shouted. "Perhaps I always wanted to end like this, everything you knew about me are wrong, this is the real me... Leave this place and forget about me, I'm willing to accept this fate..."

"You've never been wrong.", falling in the endless stream of chaos, the vision of the dream now blurs.

"...Really... Say it again, louder, I like hearing that!"

"You've never been wrong!"


Soon her voice no longer reaches 950, Thunder found herself lying on the ground in the empty graveyard, by herself, alone, in silent.

"You... Were never wrong..."


End of the Moonlight[edit]

K2's squadron departed to carry out the plan, K2 headed straight for the concert at Black Square, TMP headed to procure the item essential to their combat plan, while AEK set off to find Thunder and 950. AEK's motorcycle and her outfit was recreated again in Pocket City by the fairies, now being the one with the highest mobility in the group, she would be the most suitable choice. AEK cruised around endlessly until she heard a familiar sound, the sound of Thunder's emotion expressing gun shot, AEK quickly set course for the graveyard. Not good at expressing her emotions, Thunder can only fire her weapon instead, but this time she is at the brink of tears being overwhelmed with many emotions all at once.

At the Black Square the final battle is now setting stage. Fail addresses all the Rogue Programs who gathered at the square, to submit to her rules and to witness the execution of the last existing residents. Fail was about to execute the fairy with rabbit ears who she captured by taking away her memories entirely, K2 arrived and interrupted the execution, she promised to bring back the memories of the resident, even though the Rogue Programs remained silent to K2's words. K2 have now began deploying forces and fighting Fail in the Black Square, through her tactics and commands K2 was able to break through Fail's Ferri forces and strike her directly. However Fail recovered her full strength by consuming a Rogue Program. Fail also revealed her trump card, Ms Fallen Angel.

With her memory being taken, Fail gave a new set of memories for 950, she now appears before the crowd at the concert as Fallen Angel, she delivered an energetic performance of "Fallen Angel" that empowered Fail and her rogue program minions. After the song is finished, Fail proposed that her and Fallen Angel should perform a song together, but when Fail started the music, a different tune played. Through K2's smart tactics, the rabbit eared fairy manage to change the remix to "I Want you", the music performed by Sehra Nina empowered her and reminded her of her own name, Suee.

A group of fairies approached and grabbed hold of 950 on the stage in attempt to pull her off, Fail tried to prevent 950 from falling into the crowd, Suee rammed herself into Fail and 950 is now in the hands of the fairies. However in the process Suee was caught by Fail, Fail drained all the strength from Suee and she disappeared in front of everyone. The captured 950 does not remember any of her Comrades, she struggled to break free just to perform on the stage again.

Meanwhile at the graveyard. Thunder never truly understood her best friend, she failed to save her best friend who have fallen into darkness, even though 950 was overwhelmed by darkness, she still managed to guide Thunder out of the nightmare. And now, all of 950's memories are gone because of what happened. The pair of nameless fairies who guarded the graveyard Preiya & Camilia appeared before Thunder, the sound of 950's performance can be heard even at the Game Graveyard. "Do you hear the music?" the twins asked, "Yes, but what can I do now...". To express her sadness, she fired her weapon at the sky again to express herself, "Leave me be, I'm really upset right now, if I don't shoot my gun right now... I might..."

AEK arrived on the scene following the sound of her motorbike engine. "Your presence is low as usual, if it wasn't for that shot I wouldn't be able to find you." AEK comforted the depressed Thunder after hearing what happened, "You relied and idolized her too much, you will end up disappointed when others cannot live up to how you dreamed of them.". As her best friend, Thunder is the only one who can save 950 right now. Thunder is encouraged again, she agreed to the plan and now mounted on the back AEK's motorcycle. "Hold on tight, the Commander said my riding is a bit rough.", the two rode off towards the city.

K2 regrouped her forces and began fighting Fail up close, while the group of fairies smuggled 950 out of the square. Every time Fail is pushed to her limits, she capture a Rogue Program and siphons the strength from it, K2 then regroup and launch an assault from a different direction. No one knows how long the battle raged on for. When Fail was pushed to the edge once again, she desperately searched for Rogue programs to recover her strength, but there aren't any left, she had consumed them all, no one is left in the city, except for her and the T-dolls, no more Rogue Programs, no more Ferri raiders, no more residents. The continuous battle also left heavy stress on K2's Digi-mind conditions, K2 is also at her limits due to the excessive usage of her Command Protocol.

All the band members of ATK

A familiar figure appeared, 950 now approached the group, Fail is excited upon seeing this, she requested 950 to perform for her and give her strength through her music. 950 agreed to sing, however the song she performed is not Fallen Angel, but the song she listened to at the bar together with her best friend. Her performance healed and empowered the G&K T-doll echelons along with their captain K2. "What is the meaning of this!? This is not the song I chose for you!", "No it isn't, this is the song she chose herself." Thunder appeared behind 950, "This is the song she truly wishes to sing."

Being void of memories, Thunder took 950 around the city all day after she was taken away from the concert. The two spent the whole day together while the battle raged on at the Black Square against Fail. After leaving the concert are Black Square, they rode along the metro line "Miles", they walked along the boulevard all day, they returned to the bar at the end and listened to "Only for you". The two made new memories together in the short time and once again became best friends.

Fail have no more strength to continue the fight, at this time TMP arrived and delivered a gaming device to Fail, as a gift, to restore her memories. Through the game device Fail made contact with the G&K's Commander, she now learnt that the outside world never forgotten or abandoned Pocket City, their songs were always played in some corner of the world. With her hatred cast aside and her memories restored, Fail returned to her usual self, Clear. She agreed to venture outside Pocket City and see what the world have became, through the hands of IOP, Clear's electronic data is written as a T-doll Digi-mind and she joined the family of G&K.

One month after K2's squadron's squadron escaped from Pocket City, K2 reports their adventures into an alternative dimension to the FN Squadron's Five-seveN. After the report K2 asked whether 57 keeps up with their weekly broadcast on the GKTV, to which 57 laughed and replied saying she have never missed a single show. The G&K's own rock band known as ATK is now live, with 950 as the lead singer, Clear as the guitarist, Thunder as the drummer, AEK as the bassist, TMP as the keyboard player and K2 as their manager. ATK now delivers energetic performance and songs every week on GKTV, from the city ruins they are stationed in.

Leaving Pocket City[edit]

When K2 reported their adventures to 57, she promised to tell them how they left Pocket City another time. This section was regarding the Easter egg mini-game of the event.

Even though they restored Fail's memories, the log-out options were still missing for 4 members of the squadron. With her memories being restored, Clear showed them around the city again, they revisited all the places they have been, finding NPC versions of themselves and Fail hidden in some corners. Apparently a fragment of themselves were removed by Fail when they entered this world for the last time, with those fragments formed into NPCs. Due to a section of their Digi-mind being missing, they weren't able to pass the authentication process during the logout. In order to assimilate the lost fragments, they had to challenge themselves, with songs.

Chapter 1 Avec Nous[edit]

E1-1 Stalker[edit]

E1-1 Map

Clear reward: 30 x Item Enhancement Capsule.png

Notable drops: SMG EVO 3Thumb button.pngEVO 3 

Battle S rank victory condition is capture the enemy HQ within 3 turns while defeating 5 enemy squadrons. Lv30 3x expansion T-doll squadrons can push through without difficulties.

E1-2 Heartbeat[edit]

E1-2 Map

Clear reward: 300 x Item Battery.png

Notable drops: SMG KLINThumb button.pngKLIN 

Battle S rank victory condition is capture the enemy HQ within 4 turns while defeating 6 enemy squadrons. Lv30 3x expansion T-doll squadrons can push through without difficulties.

E1-3 Waiting for You[edit]

E1-3 Map

Clear reward:  Sehra & Nina

Notable drops: SMG PP-19Thumb button.pngPP-19 

Battle S rank victory condition is capture the enemy HQ within 4 turns while defeating 6 enemy squadrons. The enemy AR and sniper units may deal damage to low level SG type T-dolls with low armor rating.

Chapter 2 Dream On You[edit]

E2-1 Sunset Rider[edit]

E2-1 Map

Clear reward: Glory Light

Notable drops: HG ThunderThumb button.pngThunder 

Battle S rank victory condition is to maintain supply line for 3 turns within 6 turns. Player base will be under attack by endless swarms of enemy data-mass type units, they have slow movement speed, average damage and accuracy. It is advised to take continuous damage output T-dolls such as AR or RF types, since low level MG units without ammo chain may struggle against large quantity of high HP enemies. Grenadier units such as molotov, hand grenade, rifle grenades are also good unit choices here.

E2-2 Fate[edit]

E2-2 Map

Clear reward: 200 x Item Calibration Ticket.png

Notable drops: HG Five-seveNThumb button.pngFive-seveN 

Battle S rank victory condition is capture the enemy HQ within 6 turns while defeating 18 enemy squadrons. The enemy AR and sniper units may deal damage to low level SG type T-dolls with low armor rating.

E2-3 End of the Moonlight[edit]

E2-3 Map

Clear reward: HG ClearThumb button.pngClear 

Notable drops: RF DSR-50Thumb button.pngDSR-50 

Battle S rank victory condition is defeat the enemy Boss within 5 turns while defeating 12 enemy squadrons. Lv5-70 3x-4x expansion T-doll squadrons should be used in this level.

Boss Battle[edit]

Glory Day E2-3 Boss.png

Initially Fail is backed with 4 SMG units, with up to 16 units of slow moving MG units constantly moving in.

Glory Day E2-3 Boss 1.png

After a certain amount of HP is removed from the boss, she casts her skill Oblivion, which randomly creates zones of spotlights. Make sure a T-doll is beneath the spotlight otherwise the group will take continuous damage over time.

The boss have a short period of invulnerability before and after the skill cast, players should make sure the T-doll abilities such as RF charged shots, MG Lock and Load skills are timed properly to inflict maximum damage on the boss.

Glory Day E2-3 Boss 2.png

Additional screenshot showing the rear MG units moving in on the player's echelon.

As evident from the screenshot, the E2-3 version of the boss can be defeated with 3x - 4x expansion T-doll echelons.


List of OST featured/referenced during the event[edit]

Battle stage[edit]

During cutscenes[edit]

Hidden rhyme games[edit]

Event character/item/vocabulary references[edit]


  • AEK-999's nickname was originally meant to be Sunset Rider, as a reference to the music Sunset Rider by Nauts. She was named that because she was caught trailblazing in Pocket City on her motorbike. However she said she did not like the song Sunset Rider, so the fairies named her Black Rider instead.
  • K2's nickname Windtalker is a reference to the song played during her rhyme game, Ask to Wind by Forte Escape.
  • M950A's nickname Fallen Angel is a reference to the song played during her rhyme game as well as part of the story, Fallen Angel by DJ Mocha.
  • TMP's nickname Cat Warrior is a reference to the song Every Morning by ND Lee.


  • Sehra & Nina are characters from the song Ladymade Star by ESTi.
  • Preiya & Camilia are characters from the song Oblivion, also by ESTi.
  • Suee is a character from the song I Want You by Lin-G.


  • The furniture piece Crystal Ball in the Dreams appears in the MV of the song Only For You by NieN.
  • The furniture piece Old Fashion Rhyme Game Street Arcade is an actual arcade cabinet for DJMAX Technika series. It utilizes two screen with one of them used as a touchscreen for gameplay purposes.


Some of the locations mentioned in the event are references to DJMAX games. Some others are references to a song.

  • Pocket City or Portable City is a reference to DJMAX Portable game series for PSP.
  • Black Square is a reference to DJMAX Portable Black Square game for PSP.
  • Clazziquai Hall is a reference to both South Korean band Clazziquai Project and DJMAX Portable Clazziquai Edition game for PSP, which features said band prominently.
  • Technika Street is a reference to DJMAX Technika arcade game series.
  • Hot Tunes Pub is a reference to DJMAX Portable Hot Tunes compilation game for PSP.
  • Game Graveyard is an actual setting that appeared in songs [Electronic Boutique - pCLyI9YNRbc Glory Day] by BEXTER & Mycin.T, BlackCat by BEXTER, and more recently Boom! by BEXTER and So Happy by Raven & Kreyn.
  • The underground rail line Miles is a reference to the song Miles by Electronic Boutique, where trains and trains stations set the theme for this song.


  • Suee referenced NB Ranger during her conversation with 950 and Thunder at the bar, where she mentions that other than ATK, NB Ranger is also superheroes who maintains peace in Pocket City. NB Ranger refers to the various songs in the NB Ranger series.
  • El Fail's boss skill is also named after the song ESTi - Oblivion.
  • K2 mentions that she's in Fever Mode before confronting SF forces in Pocket City. Fever Mode is a gameplay feature in DJMAX games to obtain bonus points, combo multiplier, and other advantages during gameplay.
  • El Fail mention many DJMAX terminologies throughout the story. Some of these are the regular use of word Break (the act of missing a note or not hitting them on time).
  • The phrase "end of the moonlight" is mentioned by some characters. This is a reference to the song of the same name by Forte Escape
  • At the end of the story, El Fail thought TMP's gift is either a romantic alien prince or a killer bee. These are both references to the song To You by Sweetune and Killer Bee by GOTH.
  • The final scene of the story has El Clear muttered the line "2064, this summer! Everybody wants DJMAX Time!" These are the lyrics for the song YO MAX! by ND Lee, which is some sort of anthem for the entire DJMAX series and played after completing Arcade Mode of the games.