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Mobile Armor

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Girls' Frontline
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Mobile Armor is a vehicle system added to Girls' Frontline with client version 3.03 on 21 September 2023. Vehicles are piloted by Dolls and have the ability to both attack from the map and participate in direct combat (like assimilated Architect or assimilated Dreamer).

This system is unlocked after clearing chapter 11-6.


Vehicles replace Heavy Ordnance Corps in the Garage screen. HOC systems are all assembled in the Intelligence Center.

  • Workbench: Used to select the vehicle on display.
  • Lift: Used to view and modify the displayed vehicle.
  • Generator: Continuously creates energy points to move vehicles during battle.
  • Range: Used to pass the tutorial for the displayed vehicles and make test runs.

The Garage is open to visit by other players like the main Dorm.


Currently, there are 2 obtainable Mobile Armoured units; "Main Battle Tank" and "Tactical Humanoid Mecha". More may be added in the future.

Each vehicle must be unlocked by completing a set of objectives (such as destroying a specific enemy) and completing a tutorial for the vehicle.

Up to ten configuration presets can be saved per vehicle.


Each vehicle requires a certain number of Dolls to work. The commanding Doll is also displayed on the vehicle. A mecha might only need one pilot, but a tank might need a commander, a gunner, a loader and a driver.

Some crew positions are limited by unit type: some can only be filled by standard units, while others can be filled by assimilated units.


Each vehicle has a number of component slots for one or two types of component. Some components are active in battle and provide stats boosts, while others are just visual customization. Like Equipment, components come in various rarities, can be upgraded or scrapped and they can be farmed in the dedicated map of Gray Zone Exploration.

Slots can accommodate heavy weapons, light weapons, defense components or function components. More slots are unlocked by progressing in the vehicle's tech tree. Adding a component may add a stat to the vehicle's stats board, such as heavy/light firepower and penetration or night vision.

Vehicles can also receive new appearances by completing achievements.


Each vehicle has a set of base skills. More skills can be added by components.

In battle, some skills require aiming.

Tech tree[edit]

New component slots and stats upgrades are unlocked by progressing in a vehicle's tech tree. Each node can be unlocked with the four main resources.


Vehicles are deployed from heavy heliports and count toward the same deployment limit as HOCs.

Vehicles can engage in combat like normal echelons, or provide fire support from the map like HOCs do. They also expend ammo when acting and rations per turn like echelons and HOCs. They can retreat from heliports, but will forfeit all their ammo, rations and energy if they are not extracted from a heavy heliport.

Vehicles that are damaged in battle can be field-repaired at heliports (forfeiting the S-rank), but as long as they are not at 0 HP they will be fully repaired when the mission ends.


Vehicles spend energy to move instead of Action Points. A deployed vehicle carries a maximum amount of energy, which is replenished each turn from the backup energy from the base if there is any.

Vehicles energy is produced in real-time at the Generator facility, like Fairy Commands. It can also be purchased with the four main resources.

Note: Unlike every other player unit, vehicles cannot swap place with other units on the map since they use their own movement system.


  • As explained in promo materials, Griffin & Kryuger received permission from StateSec to use armored vehicles, which were provided by IOP.
  • The vehicles system was teased in 2018, but it took five years before it was announced during Slow Shock's introduction stream, five months before client version 3.03.