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Base Facility
Data Room · Dormitory · Intelligence Center · Hangar
Forward Basecamp · Protocol Control Center · Springfield Cafe · Fairy Lodge · Rescue Station
Organization Overview

3D Base.jpg
The 3D Model of Griffin & Kryuger Base Facility on Sector S09
The 3D base can be used to monitor the status of all facilities throughout the base, such as global exp and battery level, exploration and analysis remaining time, or HOC chip storage. This feature can also serve as shortcut, bringing Commander to each facility simply by tapping it. There is also dynamic light feature, which will change the base view to daytime or nighttime according to system time.

3.1.Data Room .jpg
CIC Room
Kalina's exclusive facility for her to write combat reports.
3D Base.jpg
Living space for all Griffin personnel.
3D Base.jpg
WaveTech Field Lab
Intelligence gathering and analyzing facility.

HOC Tutorial Garage Overview.jpg
Facility to store, train, and repair HOC units.
3D Base.jpg
Forward Basecamp
Send exploration team or buy goods from Black Market here.
Protocol Assimilation Facilities.jpg
Protocol Control Center
Facility to capture and manage Coalition units.

Springfield Cafe
Enjoy a cup of coffee and bond with the dolls here.
3D Base.jpg
Fairy Lodge
Living space for the mischievous fairies.
3D Base.jpg
Rescue Station
Shelter for stray animals. Spend battery to adopt them.

Organization Overview
Every department and its member in Griffin.