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Organization Overview


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Command and Intelligence Center (CIC) Room, or better known as Data Room, is one of several facility that support Griffin & Kryuger base on Sector S09. Its main function is to manage global exp gained from battle and convert it into Item Combat Report.pngItem Advanced Combat Report.png combat reports. Kalina will be tasked to write them, and the process will cost Item Battery.png battery. One combat report needs 3000 global exp and 3 batteries to produce. At facility level 10, Kalina can write 80 combat reports per hour.

Kalina can write two kind of combat report, Item Combat Report.png normal combat report and Item Advanced Combat Report.png special combat report. Although they cost the same to produce and worth the same amount of exp, they are used for slightly different purpose. The first kind of combat report is used for T-Doll and fairy, while the second one can only be used on HOC units. The third kind isn't available to produce, and can only be obtained through combat simulation. This one is used to raise the level of Coalition units.


Facility Functions
Office Desk Write Special Combat Reports and Combat Reports, and unlocks higher facility levels
Data Table Increase Surplus Experience storage limit
Console Increase the Surplus Experience gained from T-dolls under Max Level
Computer Decrease the time to write Combat Reports
Operation Table Increase the Surplus Experience gained from T-dolls at Max Level
Teletypewriter Increase the amount of Combat Reports Kalina can write each time
Recollection Bookshelf View episodes of Griffin Recollection

Upgrade Cost[edit]

Upgrade requirements are listed as following,

Level Upgrade Time Batteries Cost
Batteries Cost
(All other stations)
1 0:01 10 5
2 0:05 75 50
3 0:30 150 100
4 1:00 225 150
5 2:00 300 200
6 4:00 375 250
7 8:00 525 350
8 12:00 675 450
9 18:00 900 600
10 24:00 1200 800