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Basic Settings[edit]

Settings Basic.png

Live2D Settings[edit]

  • Character Live2D enables Commander to toggle Live2D animation from some skins on or off. Commander can also set it individually for each doll through adjutant settings screen.
  • Background Live2D enables Commander to toggle Live2D animation from base background on or off.
  • Login Motion Live2D enables Commander to toggle login motion from some skins on or off.

Function Settings[edit]

  • Story Playback chooses whether to replay the story or not for cleared maps.
  • Lock New T-Doll locks the first doll obtained to prevent it from accidental retirement.
  • Index Rating
  • Vibrate Notification enables the phone to vibrate upon some occasions, such as the end of planning mode. Getting *5 dolls or equipments, also fairies with grade II talents will also vibrate the phone.
  • Auto Download enables to download all game assets upon logging in after fresh installation.
  • High Frame Rate Mode enables the game engine to produce higher frame rate for smoother animations.
  • Autoplay Speed sets the playback speed of story dialogue during autoplay mode.


  • Delete Cache clears all game data stored in a device.
  • Logout logs Commander's account out.
  • Exit Game closes the game.

Battle Settings[edit]

Settings Battle.png

Battlefield Settings[edit]

  • Auto Resupply enables echelon that freshly deployed to be auto resupplied. Echelons that stand on the helipad will also be auto resupplied during the start of the next turn. Turning this off will enable Commander to perform corpse dragging.
  • Battlefield Information shows various information during combat.
  • Fairy Skills Auto-Activation sets the fairy skill to be always-on. Only applies to Combat fairies.
  • End Turn Confirmation prompts the Commander whether to end current turn or not. Turning this on could prevent accidental touch. Auto-disabled during planning mode.

Combat Settings[edit]

  • Bullet Time enables Commander to slow down the combat animation by long-pressing one of the doll. Recommended to turn this on as this provides great help during kiting.
  • Skill Cut-In Animation enables the skill cut-in for each doll each time the skill is activated. Recommended to turn this off due to this interrupts with kiting. Currently doesn't apply to SF Ringleaders' skill cut-in.
  • Heavy Damage Protection enable T-Dolls whose hitpoints drop below certain threshold to be auto-retreated. Doesn't apply to dolls that enter a battle with heavy damage status. Recommended to turn this off for experienced Commander.
  • Battle Simplification removes some animation elements during battle, such as smoke and miss hitplates.

During Battle[edit]

With the v2.0600 update, it's now possible to change battle settings during combat without returning to home screen. This can be accessed simply by tapping Combat Summary on the top-left of the screen and choose Settings.

Sound Settings[edit]

Settings Sounds.jpg

Audio Settings[edit]

  • Background Music adjust the volume level and turn the BGM on or off.
  • Sound Effects adjust the volume level and turn the SFX on or off.
  • Voice adjust the volume level and turn the voice on or off.


  • Download Voice Pack download the voice assets, especially after fresh install.
  • Download Data download all voice assets, especially after fresh install.

Push Notification Settings[edit]

Settings Push.png
  • Notifications enables all push notifications.
  • Logistic Returned to notify Commander whenever a logistic mission has returned.
  • Energy Recharged to notify Commander whenever sim energy has been fully recharged.
  • Auto-Battle Complete to notify Commander whenever an auto-battle has finished.
  • Repair Complete to notify Commander whenever a repair has been completed.
  • Battery to notify Commander that battery dispenser in the dormitory is ready to collect.
  • Exploration Notifications to notify Commander about exploration activities, such as finding a treasure or exploration has finished.