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T-Doll Production

Standard T-Doll Construction

T-Doll Production Menu Tips.
T-Doll Production Menu.
T-Doll Formula Menu.
T-Doll Production Log.
T-Doll Production New slot.
First time Heavy Construction locked popup.
How to unlock Heavy Construction.

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T-Doll Production is a feature that enables commanders to craft new T-Dolls. Building T-Dolls consumes one Item T-Doll Contract.pngT-Doll Production Contract and an amount of resources allocated by the commander for each attempt. Crafting Contracts can be earned through various methods, primarily from Quests and Logistic Supports.

There are established recipes for each class of T-Doll, however, these recipes do not necessarily guarantee that a T-Doll from their respective class will drop. Additionally, some T-Dolls are unavailable through crafting.

On the right side, opposite regular T-Doll Construction, is Heavy Construction. Heavy Construction allows the use of more resources and Dummy Cores in exchange for higher rarity T-Dolls, including Shotguns, which are unavailable through regular T-Doll Crafting. Heavy Construction must be unlocked by completing any 30 Combat Missions, including Normal, Emergency and Midnight Missions.

Usually the format of recipes for craft will be written as: "Manpower Icon manpower.png/Ammo Icon ammo.png/Ration Icon ration.png/Parts Icon parts.png". For example, "30/430/130/230" denotes a recipe of 30 manpower, 430 ammunitions, 130 rations and 230 parts.

Also, take note that many 2 and 3 star T-Dolls are much easier to obtain via battle drops rather than crafting. However, the odds of rare 4 and 5 star guns are much higher in T-Doll Construction than they are through battle drops.

Note: User Craft History List

As of the September 19, 2016 update, you can see the past recipes of other users who recieved 4 and 5 star Dolls, as well as the recipes that they used to get them. Note that there is no conclusive evidence that any one recipe provides a higher chance of any specific T-Doll, so these can largely be ignored.

For more information on T-Doll production and recipes, please check the T-Doll Production page.

Heavy T-Doll Construction


Dummy Linking

Dummy linking is one of the several method to provide performance boost to T-Doll and Coalition unit alike. It's a mechanic that allows a mainframe to control multiple dummy units at a time, which can boost its offensive and defensive capabilities. Each dummy counts as one individual unit, which effectively increase a T-Doll's firepower outside of enhancements as both the mainframe and the dummy unit deal damage separate to each other.

Dummy units can also serve as a form of ablative armor to protect the mainframe from harm and increase effective hp. If a dummy link takes damage that exceeds its hp, the excess damage will not be transferred to the other links or the main body. While the dummy unit may die, it dies effectively nullifying a notable percentage of damage that the main doll would otherwise have taken. This allows even relatively fragile T-Dolls classes like Rifles to increase their theoretical survivability, especially against high damage hits, while Handgun dolls through this mechanic can become viable secondary tanks despite their generally low hp.

Dummy Linking is achieved through the two following methods:

  1. Dummy Cores - Dummy Cores can be used to perform a Dummy Link. The amount of Cores required to Dummy Link increase proportionally to both the number of Dummy Links already present, and the rarity of the T-Doll. New players are generally encouraged to save their Dummy Cores where possible, as they can be difficult to come by in the mid-game and are generally the main limiting factor of T-Doll improvement.
  2. Duplicate T-Dolls - A T-Doll who is a duplicate of the T-Doll being linked can be used as fodder to perform the link with. Unlike Dummy Cores, Duplicate T-Dolls only increase proportionally with the number of Dummy Links already present, and not with the rarity of the original T-Doll. Generally, this method is preferred where possible, and should be the method used on most 2 and 3 star T-Dolls. When using this method, one duplicate is required at links x2 and x3, two duplicates at link x4, and three duplicates at link x5.


Dummy Linking.

T-Dolls are eligible to perform dummy linking once they reach level 10, 30, 70, and 90. The number of dummy they can control increases by one each step, up to maximum one mainframe controlling four dummy units.

Dummy linking will also raise the experience point multiplier by 0.5x per dummy units, up to 3x multiplier. It should be noted that linked dolls will consume more resources. However, the benefits conferred by dummy linking are often outweight the increased resources consumption.

Dummy Link Core Cost

Rarity x2 Link (Level 10) x3 Link (Level 30) x4 Link (Level 70) x5 Link (Level 90)
★★ Core x1 Core x1 Core x2 Core x3
★★★ Core x3 Core x3 Core x6 Core x9
★★★★ Core x9 Core x9 Core x18 Core x27
★★★★★ Core x15 Core x15 Core x30 Core x45

Coalition Unit

Coalition Unit Dummy Link And Analyze.jpg

Similar with normal T-Doll, Coalition units also capable of dummy linking with slight difference for this purpose. Coalition units can't utilize {Icon|core}}dummy core, thus can only dummy linked using duplicate units, so Commander might find it quite difficult to obtain duplicate units to perform dummy linking for higher rarity units. Coalition units also don't have level requirement, which means they can achieve max level of dummy linking at level 1.

Unlike normal doll, Coalition units don't suffer from increased resources consumption from dummy linking. Coalition echelon has fixed amount of resources consumption at Icon manpower.pngx72 and Icon ammo.pngIcon ration.pngx360 (without Self-Suffience chip). This can serve as double-edged sword so please use it wisely.

Also worth to note that some Coalition units remain at x1 even at max level of dummy linking; such as Ringleaders, Manticore, and Goliath Factory. While they still receive increased stats, they remain at x1 link means they won't lose their damage output should they suffer decreased hitpoint during battle.


Tactical Dolls

You can enhance T-Dolls through T-Doll Enhancement, increasing their damage, evasion, accuracy, and rate of fire stats. This is the primary use of 2 star T-Dolls that you have no use for, commonly referred to as fodder. Please note that high ranked T-Dolls that you do not plan to use should be retired, as they will yield Dummy Cores, which are much more valuable than the stats that they offer as fodder. Alternatively, you may also use Enhancement Capsules gotten from Reinforcement Exercises in Combat Simulation Menu, each capsule increasing every stat by 1. Please note: T-Dolls do not become stronger through levels. Instead, increasing a T-Doll's level will increase their statistic caps. T-Doll Enhancement is required to increase your T-Doll's stats.

T-Doll Powerup Menu.
Powerup Selection Menu.

Icon banner arrow left.png Icon banner arrow right.png

First, pick the T-Doll you want to upgrade on the menu, then select the fodder that you would like to use to enhance your original Doll. This process will destroy the fodder, so make sure you do not pick any T-Dolls that you want to keep. Note that a minimum of 4 T-Dolls are required to gain any stat benefit, so it is generally advised to apply as many as possible at once for efficiency, provided you're not exceeding the stat caps of the original T-Doll.

Fodder Enhancement Values

Different T-Dolls will offer different enhancement values based on their stats when used as enhancement:

  • Damage increase: damage_stat/damage_stat+50 × 1.2
  • Evasion increase: evasion_stat/evasion_stat+25 × 1.2
  • Accuracy increase: accuracy_stat/accuracy_stat+25 × 1.2
  • Rate of Fire increase: rof_stat/rof_stat+150 × 1.2

Common fodder enhancement values:

T-Doll Class Icon dmg.png Icon acc.png Icon eva.png Icon rof.png
M1911 HG 0.2000 0.2323 0.3176 0.2426
Nagant Revolver HG 0.2164 0.2323 0.3667 0.1944
P38 HG 0.2000 0.2323 0.3429 0.2426
PPK HG 0.1831 0.2625 0.3892 0.2625
M3 SMG 0.2164 0.0889 0.3176 0.2816
PPSh-41 SMG 0.2000 0.0889 0.2909 0.3628
PP-2000 SMG 0.2323 0.0889 0.3667 0.3304
MP40 SMG 0.2164 0.0889 0.2909 0.3089
Beretta Model 38 SMG 0.2323 0.0889 0.2625 0.3089
m45 SMG 0.2323 0.0889 0.3176 0.3089
SVT-38 RF 0.5548 0.2909 0.2000 0.1655
Simonov RF 0.5258 0.2909 0.2000 0.1655
G43 RF 0.5407 0.2909 0.1655 0.1831
FN-49 RF 0.5407 0.2909 0.1655 0.1535
BM59 RF 0.5548 0.2909 0.1655 0.1831
G3 AR 0.3781 0.2323 0.2000 0.2576
L85A1 AR 0.3176 0.2000 0.2000 0.3089
Galil AR 0.3304 0.2000 0.2000 0.2674
SIG-510 AR 0.3781 0.2000 0.2000 0.2476
LWMMG MG 0.5258 0.1655 0.1655 0.3628
DP28 MG 0.4593 0.1655 0.1655 0.4035
MG34 MG 0.4683 0.1286 0.1655 0.4275
FNP-9 HG 0.2164 0.2625 0.3667 0.2625
MP-446 HG 0.2164 0.2625 0.3176 0.2526
Spectre M4 SMG 0.2000 0.0889 0.3429 0.3549
IDW SMG 0.1831 0.0889 0.3429 0.2955
Type 64 SMG 0.2164 0.0889 0.3176 0.3628
F2000 AR 0.3176 0.2323 0.2323 0.3304
FG42 MG 0.4683 0.1655 0.2000 0.4275
AAT-52 MG 0.4857 0.1655 0.1655 0.4405
Type 63 AR 0.3667 0.2000 0.2000 0.3000
Bren Ten HG 0.2323 0.2625 0.3176 0.2526
USP Compact HG 0.1831 0.2909 0.3667 0.2722

Note that the final increase will always be a whole number rounded, so plan accordingly in order to make the best of use of your fodder.

NB: The effect of the capsules can be doubled/tripled by giving them a capsule for a random amount. This, however, each T-Dolls have a different mechanism of capsule effect. For instance, when the 11th capsule given to Welrod, the effect will be doubled. In 12th capsule for Welrod, the effect is tripled. While UMP has significant effect increase in 9th capsule, and 10th the effect is quadrupled.

Coalition Unit

Raising rarity (normal unit).
Raising rarity (ringleader).

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Coalition units have different enhancement method from normal T-Dolls. Enhancing Coalition units means raising their rarity, which capped at ★5. The higher their rarity is, the higher their stats cap. Coalition units also consume different item for enhancement. Instead of consuming unwanted dolls and Item Enhancement Capsule.png enhancement capsule, they consume Item Petri Dish.png Development Petri Dish, which can be obtained mainly from combat simulation.


T-Doll Retire.
T-Doll Retire Selection Window.
Recycle Selection Menu.

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This menu allows you to retire unwanted T-Dolls and disassemble unwanted equipment. Worth noting: T-Dolls are not disassembled, simply demilitarised, after which they become a regular civilian Doll.

Ideally you will only use this menu on 3 star or higher T-Dolls, as the resource rewards for retiring 2 star T-Dolls are negligible, and they are better used as fodder to increase the stats of your other Dolls. Retiring unwanted 3, 4 and 5 star T-Dolls yields valuable Dummy Cores, which are often the limiting factor in Dummy Linking your Dolls.

Rarity Cores
★★ 0
★★★ 1
★★★★ 3
★★★★★ 5

Similarly, this menu should only be used to disassemble junk equipment after your armory is full, as the resources you receive from disassembly are negligible.

Equipment Production

Standard Equipment Production

Equipment Production Menu.
Equipment Formula Menu.
Equipment Production Log.

Icon banner arrow left.png Icon banner arrow right.png

Producing Equipment requires one Equipment Development Contract Item Equipment Contract.png and an amount of resources allocated by the commander for each attempt. The rarity and type of equipment produced is determined on the resources allocated. The process is nearly identical to T-Doll Production, albeit with markedly quicker crafting times.

IOP Special Ticket

Crafting equipment using this special ticket will guarantee equipment from selected recipe. For example, if Commander choose the suppressor recipe, it will always yield suppressor. However, the equipment's rarity will still be random. Commander can do special equipment craft 20 times per week.

Heavy Equipment Production

Similar to T-Doll Production, there is another menu on the right side entitled "Heavy Production". This feature, which is used to craft Tactical Fairy.

As of the September 19, 2016 update, you can see the past recipes of other users who received 4 and 5 star Equipment, as well as the recipes that they used to get them. Note that there is no conclusive evidence that any one recipe provides a higher chance of any specific piece of Equipment, so these can largely be ignored.

For more information on Producing Equipment and recipes, please check the Produce Equipment page.