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Full name Manticore
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi animation

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"Manticore" model military-grade armour

A military-grade armoured unit ordered by the army. They were captured by Sangvis Ferri and are now hostile. They are equipped with state of the art assault weapons, and possess astounding ranged damage output as well as outstanding defensive capability.

Stats / Data

  • Classification: Armoured Machine
  • Damage: Moderate ~ High
  • Accuracy: Low ~ Moderate
  • Attack range: Short
  • Health: Moderate ~ High
  • Armor value: Moderate ~ Very High
  • Evasion: None ~ Low
  • Movement speed: Slow


Manticore's make their first appearance in Chapter 1-4M and becomes a heavy threat in some late-game night battle chapters.


Manticore's are Heavily armoured Mini-boss like SF units which you first encounter in 1-4M's night battle mode, the giant spider like tank is quite intimidating at first and has every reason to be, Manticores possess a very large HP pool as well as a Moderate armour stat, so AP is a necessity against them, though your first encounter with them, you might notice that they evade some attacks, this is mainly because the first Manticore you happen to encounter has an EVA stat, is also high enough that bringing MG's against it is useless, so stick to your RFHG echelons when dealing with Manticores.

In terms of damage a Manticore will hurt if they manage to land a hit off on one of your girls, so you should be fully expected to equip your tanking T-dolls with equipment that boost EVA such as a T-series exo or Silencers, or both!

Ideal echelons that should be used to deal with Manticores are RFHG echelons, DPS oriented or even Charged shot oriented both will work fine against Manticores, make sure that you're also supporting your RF's with ACC buffing HG's as well just to make sure you hit the Evasive Manticores, some RF T-dolls such as RF Kar98kThumb button.pngKar98k  and RF Carcano M91/38Thumb button.pngCarcano M91/38  are exceptional at dealing with Manticores, so if you have them, i'd advise bringing them.