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A Snowy Nights Capriccio

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Full name A Snowy Nights Capriccio
Event type Seasonal
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Available in campaign menu CN

2019 Christmas Seasonal Event. Event starts after the 5th of December 2019 maintenance (CN). The other servers follow soon after with EN having the event begin following the 17th of December 2019 Maintenance.

This page will use elements from the CN version of the event, but will still take the other servers into consideration.


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Event run time[edit]

Title Period (start/end) Server Type Comment
雪夜杀礼异想曲 2019-12-05 10:00 - 2019-12-26 03:00 (UTC)

CN Seasonal Event
A Snowy Nights Capriccio 2019-12-17 14:00 - 2020-01-07 07:59 (UTC)

EN Seasonal Event
거룩한 밤 광상곡 2020-01-01 06:00 - 2020-01-22 05:59 (UTC)

KR Seasonal Event Rerun
A Snowy Nights Capriccio 2020-12-22 14:00 - 2021-01-12 07:59 (UTC)

EN Seasonal Event Rerun


A Christmas themed non major story event, with a small story and relatively easy maps to go with it. On top of being an event, A Snowy Nights Capriccio will also have a rescue event live which will have 4 specific T-dolls which can potentially obtained from farming the respective maps

The Limited T-Doll drops and map listing is as follows:

Map Code Map Name Doll Drop (CN) Doll Drop (EN) Doll Drop (JP)
E1-1 Sangvis Orphan MG UKM-2000Thumb button.pngUKM-2000  SMG C-MSThumb button.pngC-MS  AR OTs-14Thumb button.pngOTs-14 
HG SPP-1Thumb button.pngSPP-1 
RF PSG-1Thumb button.pngPSG-1 
E1-2 Mission: Dinergate MG HK21Thumb button.pngHK21  RF SRSThumb button.pngSRS  HG CZ75Thumb button.pngCZ75 
RF G28Thumb button.pngG28 
HG JerichoThumb button.pngJericho 
E1-3 X-Dinergate HG HS2000Thumb button.pngHS2000  HG Px4 StormThumb button.pngPx4 Storm  HG Px4 StormThumb button.pngPx4 Storm 
MG AmeliThumb button.pngAmeli 
RF T-5000Thumb button.pngT-5000 
E1-4 Ode to Gifts MG LewisThumb button.pngLewis  MG Type 88Thumb button.pngType 88  RF M99Thumb button.pngM99 
MG Mk48Thumb button.pngMk48 
AR RibeyrollesThumb button.pngRibeyrolles 

Overall difficulty

A Snowy Nights Capriccio has an overall difficulty level of story chapter 6 (and chapter 5 night). With only access to 4 maps, 2 Day battles, 2 night battles, expected CE for echelons should be 16000+, other then that, this Seasonal event is relatively easy. 1 ~ 4 Echelons, with levels ranging from 50 ~ 70+ with moderate equipment as well as PEQ's will be your only requirements to clear this event.

New elements and mechanics

No new elements are present with this mini-event. During the event beating an event map yields you 10x Star OrnamentsItem Star Ornament.png with a limit of 60 per day. You can exchange these at the event shop.

Event Shop

The Snowy Nights Capriccio event shop can be accessed from the shop interface. EN and JP servers will have slightly different stock due to their server not having access to said items.

Exchangeable rewards and pricing as following:

Server Type Item Cost Item Star Ornament.png Stock Recipient
CN/EN only Doll Costume "Christmas Princess and Unsmiling Pet" x150 1 SMG Honey BadgerThumb button.pngHoney Badger 
EN/JP only Doll Costume "Little Reindeer in the Forest" x150 1 RF OTs-44Thumb button.pngOTs-44 
JP only Doll Costume "Every Child's Christmas Dream" x150 1 AR G36Thumb button.pngG36 
All Equipment RFB Forward Rail Guard x80 1 AR RFBThumb button.pngRFB 
All Equipment Type 100 Folding Stock x80 1 SMG Type 100Thumb button.pngType 100 
All Furniture Christmas Reindeergates x100 1
All Card Background Space-Time Transcending Embrace x50 1
All Card Icon Want a Hug! x30 1
All Card Icom Merry Christmas Woof! x30 1
All Item Item Token.png Tokens x3 100
CN only Item Item Special Combat Report.png Special Combat Reports x2 80
All Gift Item Combat Report.png Combat Reports x2 80
All Gift Item Strawberry Custard Cheesecake.png Strawberry Custard Cheesecake x2 50

Event Maps

Below is a link to our strategy guide for the event, applies to all servers.



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