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Full name Kevin[1][2]
Affiliation Stasi
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi animation

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"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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J is a senior agent from the Stasi investigating Paradeus with agent K. Unlike K, J is an easy-going womanizer who even gave nicknames to Task Force DEFY, and he believes that his attitude is more suited to the work of a spy since unlike K, he doesn't look like a spy.[3] He was forced into a more serious attitude as he faced more failures and deaths as the price for his involvement with Angelia and Paradeus. His mentor in the Stasi was the mother of Light and Shadowless.[4]

J was involved in the investigations regarding Paradeus in Bremen when Angelia arrived to conduct her own investigations and disrupted J's work due to her head-on approach. Since J worked with K, Angelia considered him one of the few people who were clear of suspicions of being a Paradeus agents and shared her findings with him.[5] Despite his wounds from the Bremen Refugees Camp riots, J was transferred to Berlin with his subordinate Light to assist Angelia's investigations for the Earl.[6][7]

J was prevented to investigate the circumstances of Light's death by the new Stasi director Romy Riefenstahl,[8] but J continued regardless and even recruited former Galatea Technology Corporation member Nele as an informant.[9] Because of his insubordination, Riefenstahl assigned Doll agent Mona as J's supervisor,[2] but she failed to rein J in. Eventually, J got Mona and a cohort of loyal Stasi agent killed by Bramedb after being baited by RPK-16 into investigating a German Minister of Defense plant producing Iaso's Boxes for Paradeus.[10] The massacre was intended to force the Stasi to hide both the disaster and their involvement with Paradeus. J was about to commit suicide under Bramedb's influence when the Commander intervened.[11] Shortly after, J suffered a short mental breakdown when he witnessed the fire Paradeus had started in Nele's apartment and he thought she had been killed due to his actions. However, Nele had anticipated the attempts on her life and avoided her apartment, which led K to judge her smarter than J during her deposition.[12]



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