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Full name Bramedb
Affiliation Paradeus
Released on CN (布拉梅德), TW, KR, EN
Chibi animation

Click the marked area to switch between animations. For details regarding animations, please see Animations on the Wiki.

An elite Paradeus unit, she is extremely charming and can easily break down her opponent's defense. She is still seductive even in her combat mode. She is skilled at confusing the hearts and neural clouds of humans and Dolls and possesses extremely high electronic warfare abilities. She can steal information while hacking a Doll's neural cloud and even cause them to crash.


Boss in Poincare Recurrence, Endgame Chaos Mega


Also called Bramede in some game files.

Bramedb has a shield and stay on the backline during battles, summoning units from behind to draw fire away from her.

Has four skills:

  • Neural Cloud Strengthening: Randomly connect two friendly units and grant them shields with a value that equals 10% of their max HP, while also linking their damage, attack speed, accuracy, evasion, and armor value. When connected units die, lose HP. Immune to damage when connected. Connection status lasts several seconds.
  • Neural Cloud Weakening: Fire connection interfaces at two random tiles. Targets which are hit enter Crashed status. Steal different stats from the targets (Skill CD/Evasion/Accuracy/Shield/Damage/Armor) depending on the target gun type (HG/SMG/RF/AR/MG/SG) and add them to herself. The stat buff is permanent.
  • Neural Cloud Focus: After stealing 1/3/5 neural clouds, her regular attacks are strengthened to Level 2/3/4 respectively. Level 1: Summons Strelets. Level 2: Summons Wardens as well. Level 3: Summons Murats as well. Level 4: Summons Maccabees as well.
  • Amaryllis Dance: When HP goes below 70% and 40%, lock onto the enemy unit with highest DPS and steal their neural cloud, dealing ongoing damage to the target until it dies or the connection is broken. Grants self Taunt status and Fortitude shields. Connection status is broken after taking multiple hits.



  • Bramedb's name is derived from Queen Medb, a legendary Irish queen known for seducing great heroes and causing great wars.[1]


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