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Full name Murat
Affiliation Paradeus
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN

A new model of command unit equipped with powerful sensors. It can give clear and effective orders to its subordinates, but its personal combat power might need some improvement. Noticeably taller than other humanoid Paradeus units.


Introduced in Poincare Recurrence


Also called Master Sergeant.

They have three skills:

  • Tactical Leadership α: Increase all units' evasion by 50%, lasting 5 seconds.
  • Tactical Leadership β: Increase all units' damage and attack speed by 20%, lasting 8 seconds.
  • Tactical Core: After being killed, clear all buffs on the battlefield. All units have 50% decreased damage and evasion, lasting for 10 seconds.

Murat's can turn fights from bad to worse the longer it drags on by continually buffing all of their Paradeus allies. While killing them greatly weakens the entire enemy formation, singling them out is more of a challenge than you'd think. Murats sit in the middle of the formation, behind cannon fodder and melee threats such as Hannibals, Defenders and Strelets, but also in front of the back line threats like Hymnal Organs, Grenadiers and Gunners, so you usually have to power through the front or snipe out the back first. Additionally, their status as an Elite enemy means they're immune to silver bullets like RF Carcano M91/38Thumb button.pngCarcano M91/38  and SG FO-12Thumb button.pngFO-12  while their decent health pool makes them unlikely to be killed by grenades, HOCs and other explosives.

Usually, if you have enough armor to nullify the fodder and can take out all of the higher priority enemies at the front and rear, you should be fine.