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Full name Hannibal
Affiliation Paradeus
Released on CN (汉尼拔), TW, KR, EN
Chibi animation

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A special heavy mech unit produced by Paradeus that possesses the most advanced melee weaponry and armor. Its selling point is being hard to destroy and devastating combat power.


Introduced in Poincare Recurrence


Called Executioner in game files (like the Sangvis Ferri Ringleader).

This unit has very high health and can do massive damage to units with few dummy links. Has three skills:

  • Shield of Carthage: Deploy a defensive shield and gain a shield with a value that equals 150% of max HP. Crash once the shield is broken, gaining 50% vulnerability.
  • Wounds: Normal attacks grant a stack of Wounded to targets. Each stack inflicts damage that equals 0.3% of the target's max HP per second, lasting for 3 seconds.
  • Torment: Perform a full-power strike that does shield-piercing damage while also inflicting 2 stacks of Wounded. The fewer Dummy-Links the target has, the higher the damage, capped at a maximum of 600%.

Hannibals are bulky by nature and aggressively tear at your frontline with relentless axe swings. The constant bleed damage and strong shielding can wear out most tanks, before they deal the killing blow themselves with Torment. Commanders should approach Hannibal encounters with either a quick removal solution or a defensive plan.

As with any non-Elite enemy, RF Carcano M91/38Thumb button.pngCarcano M91/38  excels at crippling Hannibals. While she may not be able to fully kill one if their shield is up, she should still remove the shield to stagger them. SG FO-12Thumb button.pngFO-12  is also quite effective. With Birdshot equipped, and so long as there are enough cannon fodder enemies close behind the Hannibal for her to hit, FO-12 can completely remove a Hannibal faster than M91/38 can, with or without its shield.

Focusing down a Hannibal before it even arrives to deploy its shield is also a good option. The special targeting from MG MG338Thumb button.pngMG338 , MG RPK-203Thumb button.pngRPK-203 , RF Type 56Thumb button.pngType 56  and RF General LiuThumb button.pngGeneral Liu  in front-targeting mode are some of the best T-dolls for this.

Whenever multiple Hannibals show up, it's usually better to opt for the defensive approach against them. The damage reduction / immunity skills from SG RMB-93Thumb button.pngRMB-93  and SG M26-MASSThumb button.pngM26-MASS  will fully negate the bleeding damage while the armor deflects the axe, though most any SG with Flashbang Shells equipped can suffice. Even better, SG LTLX-7000Thumb button.pngLTLX-7000  will both throw Hannibals backwards and clear their shield with her skill, forcing them to run all the way back to LTLX only to sink to their knees staggered.

With their full-powered swing from Torment dealing a guaranteed, shield-ignoring hit with a huge bonus against single-link dolls, Hannibals seem tailor-made to specifically counter Alchemist. Fortunately, the timing on Alchemist's signature move should grant her invulnerability during the first swing. A good Coalition team with Alchemist at the forefront should easily have enough DPS to take out one Hannibal before it can use Torment again, but any more than one and she will visibly struggle. Generally though, the link-based Aegis or Aegis (SWAP) is a far more reliable choice for keeping Hannibals at bay.