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"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Aegis Assimilated
Full name Aegis
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi animation

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"Aegis" model military-grade combat doll.

Common military doll ordered by the army. They were captured by Sangvis Ferri and are now hostile. They're outfitted with state of the art combat armour and shields, and also possess excellent close combat ability.

Stats / Data

  • Classification: Armoured Humanoid
  • Damage: Low
  • Accuracy: Very Low
  • Attack range: Short
  • Health: Moderate ~ High
  • Armor value: Moderate ~ Very High
  • Evasion: N/A
  • Movement speed: low
  • Skills/Passives: Yes
    • SWAP Aegis: "When unit stops advancing, deploys a damage absorbing shield equal to their TOTAL HEALTH POINTS for a few seconds, cannot attack while shield is active."


Aegis's first make their appearance in 1-2M (Midnight) and becomes a primary Armoured enemy throughout night battle maps.


Standard Aegis:

Aegis's will be the 2nd Armoured enemy type the player encounters throughout the game and possess significantly more Armour and Health compared to Nemeum, while functioning in a similar fashion to a Guard an Aegis will march down the lanes they appear in, only stopping unless one of our girls are in the way, so make sure you leave no lane open so that they dont force your echelons to retreat.

While not generally strong, Aegis's are more of a threat due to their high armour and HP values making them significantly more difficult to kill while they buy enough time for the bigger threats to approach firing range such as Nemeum and Manticore, Their ACC and DMG are not on the high side, so any SMG T-doll and even some HG's to an extent can reliably EVA tank against them, another thing to note about Aegis's are their lack of an EVA stat, meaning all sorts of damage done to them, will not MISS.

SWAP Aegis:

An enhanced version of the Aegis which players will encounter during the late stages of Isomer, These Aegis units have received significant upgrades which further boosts their Health and Armour while also providing them with a passive skill in the form of a damage absorbing shield. They cannot attack while their shields are active, so be sure to burst down their shields and take them out ASAP if you can.