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General info[edit]

Korean fan-artist extremely dedicated to his raifu RF IWS 2000Thumb button.pngIWS 2000 , who caught Sunborn's attention with popular cartoons. Despite never illustrating a Doll in the game, every player is regularly exposed to his work.

In the 25 January 2018 update on CN, Artist:AC130's cartoons during initial loading screen were replaced with new MADCORE comics.[1] The comics feature various-looking Commanders, including MADCORE's own avatar with a sardonic smile, white hair and a monocle. The comics were animated in Chibi Dolls Theater. MADCORE continues to produce illustrations for Sunborn, including regular character-specific emotes shared in Weibo for Project Neural Cloud and Girls' Frontline 2, and official Line emotes for Girls' Frontline and Neural Cloud.

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  • The "Horrible as Miami Phoneline" text in the Lee-Enfield and Welrod comic is written in the style of the 2012 indie top-down shooter game Hotline Miami. Other untranslated comics make references to The Village of Eight Graves, You Shall Not Pass and the Chtulu mythos (ELIDs roaring "tekeli-li").