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Cerberus Assimilated
Full name Cerberus
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Voice actor Takada Yuuki
Released on CN (末日魔犬), TW (末日魔犬), KR (케르베로스), JP (ケルベロス), EN (Cerberus)
Chibi animation

Click the marked area to switch between animations

An alternative form of Destroyer.

The ultimate upgraded version of the Sangvis "Dinergate". Its size, armor and firepower have all been significantly augmented, allowing it to carry a Doll's neural cloud (albeit an incomplete copy). However, it isn't very cost-effective, making mass production difficult. Its tactical role is unclear, even its development records are a mystery, so it doesn't see much use on the battlefield.

Stats / Data

link= Health Health A(x1)
link= Damage Damage A link= Evasion Evasion C
link= Accuracy Accuracy A link= Rate of Fire Rate of Fire D
link= Movement Speed Move Speed A link= Armor Armor B
link= Armor Penetration Armor Pen. - Range D
Boss of Deep Dive E2-4


Boss in chapter 2 of Deep Dive. Its variant Snackberus is an optional boss in Love Bakery.


Cerberus is a massive, armored Dinergate made by Dreamer to (further) humiliate Destroyer, whose AI is put in control of the machine during Deep Dive. Despite being a walking joke, Cerberus is a somewhat unique enemy due to the ridiculous armament, including two massive guns, three missile bays, and it's signature laser weapon, the Cerberus beam. Still, it's only as the smart as the doll controlling it, and its missile and laser attacks are easily predictable, while the guns do strangely minimal damage against armor.

Unlike normal Destroyer, Cerberus is weak against MG SG teams, as its armor is easily penetrable and evasion is incredibly low. The Cerberus beam will only hit the middle row (tiles 4, 5, 6), but Cerberus will also fire a salvo of missiles to complement her beam, hitting the middle column (tiles 8, 5, 2). Since her skills are all easily dodged by simply keeping dolls in the corners (tiles 1, 7, 9, 3) and retreating the last doll, this "boss" is normally no threat at all, just like its controller.