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Full name Jaguar
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi animation

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Regular Sangvis Ferri comabt unit. A mobile mortar that does great damage. Its mobility is poor, but its firepower is comparable to that of modern military weapons.

Stats / Data

  • Classification: Machine
  • Damage: High
  • Accuracy: Extremely High but can be dodged
  • Attack range: Very long
  • Health: Low
  • Armor value: N/A
  • Evasion: Low
  • Movement speed: Low


Jaguar is the a Machine type enemy players will encounter in the game, they made their first appearance in chapter 4-4, appears later on in various story, emergency and midnight chapters. They are considered rare units, usually appear as back line supports for other Sangvis Ferri units, no more than three units of Jaguar present in one Sangvis Ferri echelon.


Jaguars are long range support enemy units with low individual health and low evasion, they can initiate long range mortar bombardments on any T-dolls present on the back line of a player's echelon. Jaguar's bombardment will be marked with an orange square marker and takes roughly three seconds to land, dealing high damage if caught in the blast, players can move the targeted T-doll out of the tile to avoid taking damage.

Jaguar usually spawn behind other enemy units, with their low movement speed, they typically end up on the back line of enemy echelon. Though their long attacking range allows them to immediately target a T-doll as soon as the player enters the combat. Early chapters of the game players can choose to ignore the mortar splash as they do very minimal damage, however this damage scales up rather quickly in later chapters, failing to avoid the mortar hits may result in losing up to two dummy units after one splash, for the low HP dolls.

Note that player T-dolls cannot achieve their maximum firing range unless the frontal column is occupied, which means RF dolls may not be able to reach the Jaguars even if they prioritize back line enemies. This happens in most of the enemy echelon where Jaguar are present.

Jaguar targeting is unique among enemy units, as their targeting depends on the order in which T-Doll's skills are shown in the skill activation bar in-battle, which is decided by the time of acquisition of each doll. The most recently acquired doll will take up the rightmost position on the skill bar, followed by the second-most recent, third, and so forth, with the leftmost position taken up by the doll with the oldest acquire time. If the three youngest dolls are furthest away, the Jaguar will prioritize the second-youngest doll. If any of the youngest dolls are in the front of the formation, the Jaguars will pick the youngest doll from the three furthest dolls and target her instead.

Lore / Story involvement

A medium size mechanical vehicle of Sangvis Ferri origin, Jaguar are essentially Prowlers with the turret replaced, a mortar launching platform can now be found instead of the traverse turret. The chassis remains the same, four mechanical limbs that forms the quadrupedal vehicular appearance. They are regular mechanical combat units for Sangvis Ferri, serves as a mobile mortar platform. Likely due to the added weight, their mobility are worse than Prowlers, though their firepower can rival even the present military.

After Butterfly event and the Sangvis Ferri command chain overhaul, Jaguar now serve their new master, the Mastermind. Now used as a long range support unit within the Sangvis Ferri forces. In addition to their mortars, Jaguar are also equipped with an accurate fire assist system that can identify friendly units and avoid potential danger-close fires (relatively accurate that is).[1]


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