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"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Destroyer Assimilated Quotes
Full name SP5NANO "Destroyer"
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Voice actor Takada Yuuki
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP (デストロイヤー)
Chibi animation

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Combat Support Doll, Model SP5NANO

Adept at blowing things up, she's also a bomb disposal professional, and possess decent combat abilities as well. She's usually haughty and sharp-tongued, but in truth she is a tsundere with a somewhat childish temper. She cries under pressure and is very sensitive about her height.


Destroyer Appears as the boss of Chapter 5-6 and 5-4E while also appearing as a boss on the way to Dreamer in 8-6 and 8-4E. Gaia and Garm both appear as bosses in Major Event Deep Dive.



Destroyer is a shor-- err, SF boss whom you meet in Chapter 5, and is incredibly powerful if you engaged her unprepared, Destroyer has incredibly high base DMG and can outright take out a single dummy link on a T-doll, however she has rather poor ACC, so most of the time, as long as you have an evasive SMG or HG standing on the frontline to tank, you should be fine.

Speed is what you're after against Destroyer, burst down her HP as fast as possible, using any high DPS echelon. its not ideal to use charged shot RF's, MG's or SG's against Destroyer, she deals way too much damage to your SG's that their armour is practically useless against her.

In Chapter 8-6 and 8-4E, players will encounter Destroyer on the way to Dreamer, at this point you should already know how to deal with her, however do take caution as this version of Destroyer has ARMOUR and a lot more HP, bursting through her HP will take a little longer compared to her Chapter 5 variant.


Garm is a massive, armored Dinergate made by Dreamer to (further) humiliate Destroyer, whose AI is put in control of the machine during Deep Dive. Despite being a walking joke, Garm is a somewhat unique enemy due to the ridiculous armament, including two massive guns, three missile bays, and it's signature laser weapon, the Garm beam. Still, it's only as the smart as the doll controlling it, and its missile and laser attacks are easily predictable, while the guns do strangely minimal damage against armor.

Unlike normal Destroyer, Garm is weak against MG SG teams, as its armor is easily penetrable and evasion is incredibly low. The Garm beam will only hit the middle row (tiles 4, 5, 6), but Cerberus will also fire a salvo of missiles to complement her beam, hitting the middle column (tiles 8, 5, 2). Since her skills are all easily dodged by simply keeping dolls in the corners (tiles 1, 7, 9, 3) and retreating the last doll, this "boss" is normally no threat at all, just like its controller.


Destroyer's "true" form, also built by Dreamer. Ironically, Gaia isn't nearly as well-armed as Cerberus, but a big chest and taller physique has worked wonders for Destroyer's self-confidence. Her armament has been slightly upgraded with a faster rate of fire and bigger grenades, though the extra damage is hardly noticeable and it's still just as inaccurate as its predecessor. More importantly, the grenade launchers can now fire upwards, bombarding either the top (tiles 7, 8, 9) or bottom (tiles 1, 2, 3) rows at random, and Gaia can now jump up in the air to unleash a spray of explosives centered on one doll. Her survivability has been upgraded as well, the Gaia form being much more durable than the SP5NANO frame, even including armor for protection against small arms.

Due to Gaia's armor and tendency to one-shot dolls regardless of healthpool, RF/HG teams are recommended for fighting her. To prevent damage from her random bombardment, move your major damage dealers to the 4 and 7 tiles, keeping one tank in the 6 position and two HGs in the top and bottom rows. By keeping an eye on Gaia's movements, the top and bottom HGs can be swapped right as she fires upwards, and the grenades will land while the dolls are safely halfway to their new positions. During her airborne skill, the targetted doll can be quickly retreated during the warning phase to prevent heavy damage. Alternatively, as the area of effect for each individual grenade in the skill is very small, the doll can be moved such that the grenades land in-between tiles- however, this will lead to the target doll most likely taking critical damage.

Alternatively, two charged shot RFs, such as M99, DSR-50, or NTW can easily one-shot her, although they will be helpless against most non-boss enemies they encounter.