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Destroyer Story Assimilated Assimilated (Alt) Quotes


Destroyer is a Model SP5NANO combat support Doll. She is an explosives specialist, both in long-distance strikes and bomb disposal. Destroyer has decent combat abilities[1] but is not made for solo combat and is easily overwhelmed when fighting multiple enemies.[2] In her experimental Cerberus form, Destroyer has both enhanced firepower and mobility,[3] and her prototype Gaia form is nearly on par with military firepower.[4] In her Christmas costume, she has ski attachments on her feet and her cannons are decorated with “Super-Elks”.[5]

She talks haughtily but is actually childish and easily loses her temper, cries under pressure and has a complex about her height[1][6][5] and chest.[7] She would prefer to have a body that looks “cool”. She listens to children songs when “sleeping” (though she has nightmares about squids)[8] and also likes to have Intruder read her fairy tales.[6] Destroyer is neither smart or well-learned as her fellow ringleaders are quick to remind her,[7][9] she didn't know the name of her own operating system, OGAS.[10]

Intruder recognizes Destroyer as one of the two biggest troublemakers of Sangvis along with Executioner,[11] but acts somewhat like a thoughtful big sister towards her.[12] As Sangvis Ferri's lieutenant, Agent is the one Destroyer is most concerned about angering by failing in her duties.[13][14] Despite being partners, Destroyer found Dreamer to be scarier than any other ringleader.[3] She however held Dreamer's cunning in high regard and is willing to sacrifice herself to protect her since she wouldn't know how to live alone. Despite her repeated abuse toward Destroyer, Dreamer always stopped short of killing her for good and sacrificed her own parts to keep Destroyer's last body alive.[15] Dreamer often calls Destroyer her “puppy” due to her loyalty, which she ensured with repeated memory deletion of her most egregious abuse[16] so Destroyer never thought much about the imbalance in their partnership.[2] In a least one instance, this scheme made Destroyer forget about a critical piece of strategic information Dreamer expected her to know.[13] In her Christmas costume's quotes, Destroyer prepares presents for four characters: the Commander, Intruder, “little Cerberus”, and Dreamer.

Multiple Furniture pieces mention Destroyer:

  • Sangvis Ferris - Outdoor Balcony SP-A08: "Architect, look outside the next time before you open the door. Destroyer has cried everytime you've hit her with it! - Agent"
  • Sangvis Ferris - Multipurpose Table SP-Z08: "This is the third one this month. Whoever sees Architect sitting on the table, kick her off. - Agent ; Especially when Destroyer is sitting on her lap. - Addendum by Agent"
  • Sangvis Ferris - Controls Console SP-S03: "Why is there a keyboard if you can operate this with the touchscreen? - Hunter ; I heard it's intended for Destroyer. - Scarecrow"
  • S.F. X'mas Eve - Illuminated Fence: "Destroyer, who never wears night-vision goggles, always crashes into the fence. The pine tree believes that tragedy can be averted simply by having a light installed. It doesn't mind the brightness too much. Someone has to stay awake and watch over others' sweet dreams."
  • Antique Rocking Horse: "A toy found in an abandoned amusement park. Destroyer secretly plays with it while avoiding the gazes of the other Dolls — When she rides it, she no longer envies Beak for having a bike."

Main story[edit]


Before being renamed Destroyer and repurposed as an SP5NANO model, Destroyer was a low-end multipurpose Dual-Track DSI-8 model (the same model as SMG UMP40UMP40UMP40 and SMG UMP45UMP45UMP45), serial number SF/DSB1-0138. As part of project Мрия,[17] Lycoris named her Maria and gave her a sister, serial number SF/DSB1-0139, who would later be repurposed as a SPACA model and renamed Dreamer. Dreamer was jealous to be the little sister and to not have received the name Maria, and her hatred deepened as she became one of the most advanced Doll of Sangvis Ferri while Destroyer remained simple-minded. Since Agent installed protective ciphers in Destroyer to prevent Dreamer from erasing her outright, Dreamer instead tormented Destroyer endlessly, erasing her memories so she could never come to hate her and remain her obedient partner.[9]


Destroyer led the attack on the Griffin & Kryuger command center at the start of Plan Parapluie,[18] and was tracked down by AR Team.[19] After the assault failed to kill Berezovich Kryuger, Destroyer requested Dreamer's air support to cover her retreat. Dreamer feigned to abandon Destroyer, but Agent gave Destroyer the keycodes for data handling during the mission so Dreamer could not leave her behind,[16] and Destroyer successfully escaped as the barrage stopped AR Team.[20]

Destroyer attacked Squad RF M99M99M99 with a Jupiter Cannon during a salvage mission, destroying part of the cargo, but the Dolls were unimpressed by the ringleader's bravado since she had been defeated by AR Team before, and Destroyer was pushed back with support from the Commander.[21]

Afterwards, Destroyer was in charge of the protection of Base 0, but was in sleep mode when AR Team infiltrated the base.[8] AR Team was detected by Dreamer, who launched air strikes on the base, waking up Destroyer. Dreamer scolded Destroyer for not keeping her guard up after seeing AR Team get through Parapluie jamming before, but Dreamer herself had actually deleted Destroyer's memories of these fights so she didn't know about AR Team's capabilities.[13] With the ringleaders pushed back by the Commander's units, AR Team completed the objective and was evacuated, except for AR M16A1M16A1M16A1.[22] The Commander continued to interfere while M16 completed her own mission, but Dreamer shot down the drone containing the data she had recovered.[23]

Against Squad 404[edit]

Destroyer reveals her Cerberus form.

Destroyer and Dreamer did not search for the drone immediately since Elisa had not ordered them to, but Dreamer decided to pester Destroyer by sending her for a blanket search instead of scanning the network for the drone's location herself. As a reward, she promised Destroyer a new body.[2] When Squad 404 entered the area containing the drone, Destroyer sent her units to intercept and sent transmissions to taunt them while Dreamer transferred her Neural Cloud to her new body. Squad 404 were unimpressed at first given Destroyer's reputation for getting beaten by G&K,[10] but Dreamer used the dormant Parapluie virus in SMG UMP45UMP45UMP45 to identify them, and 404 was forced to take the threat seriously when Destroyer taunted her by name.[24]

Prioritizing the infection of UMP45 over the drone recovery, Dreamer deployed Destroyer in her new and unexpected body, Cerberus. Dreamer pretended she had mistakenly selected the wrong body during the transfer and Destroyer was horrified to find she had become a giant Dinergate. Her mission was to remain close enough to 404 as Elisa was about to activate Parapluie en masse, only the Cerberus mainframe being able to sustain the hack.[3] After a protracted battle, AR G11G11G11 and RF DSR-50DSR-50DSR-50 destroyed Cerberus with a combined sniper shot to her eye as she stopped to locate 45, narrowly saving 45 from the Elisa's Parpaluie activation signal.[25] After warning Destroyer of the consequences of committing another stupid mistake, Dreamer transferred her backup Neural Cloud in her Gaia body[4] and deployed her along with a Cerberus dummy to take out Squad 404.[26] After 45 recovered from the electronic attack, 404 harassed and eventually pinpointed Gaia's weaknesses until she was destroyed. Despite her failure, Dreamer didn't feel like punishing the crying Destroyer since the fight with 404 had yielded interesting data and they had benefited from unexpected outside help.[27]

Since they were fighting Squad 404 in Area S15, Destroyer and Dreamer did not take part in the pitched battle against Griffin and Kryuger and the KCCO at Sangvis Ferri HQ.

Two sisters[edit]

After the Sangvis Ferri HQ battle, Agent put Dreamer and Destroyer in charge of protecting Elisa and bolstering Sangvis Ferri's forces by producing new units while they acquired the data of a Pike node in Belgrade.[28] During Sangvis Ferri's assault on the Paldiski Submarine Base, Dreamer sent Destroyer investigate Elisa's situation after she stopped transmitting, but she couldn't be found as she had relinquished command over Sangvis Ferri. Destroyer was cornered by Paradeus units who quickly whittled down her forces and she retreated to the shore guns outside the base.[29] She was deemed MIA, and Executioner swore to avenge her as she rushed into battle.

Dreamer, gone AWOL after Elisa's disappearance, found Destroyer's mangled body, and with Agent's supervision gone, she considered killing her sister by destroying her last body. Dreamer asked the unresponsive Destroyer what was the point of the existence of Sangvis Ferri's Dolls, but eventually carried her away instead of killing her,[9] repairing her before being sent by Agent to cover the retreat of the other ringleaders.[30] The damage to Destroyer's body had been severe and she suffered from a defective short-term memory[31] and a severely shortened battery life, with only five minutes of autonomy before needing to recharge.[32] Dreamer used her own body parts to sustain Destroyer, at the cost of both their operability.[15]

After the retreat, Dreamer started to search for information about Paradeus, intending to work for them as the most likely winner in the incoming battles.[31] The sisters investigated the former siege of Zeratul-Worcester Pharmaceuticals, who provided some of the chemicals used to create Nytos, while salvaging for parts. When Squad 404 and Anna were sent to investigate Z-W, Dreamer and Destroyer planned to capture the young Nyto.[31] Reading a piece of paper with her order regularly to remember what she was doing, Destroyer trapped 404 in the building's basement.[33] After 404 escaped, they found that the ringleaders were incapable of defending themselves, but AR HK416HK416HK416 opened fire on Dreamer anyway, and Destroyer took the bullet in her stead. She had insisted to be the first to die since she couldn't live autonomously like Dreamer, and tied a strand of her hair on Dreamer's finger to seal the promise, forgetting and repeating the promise nine times. The Commander offered Dreamer to join G&K willingly but she refused, putting her freedom over her and Destroyer's lives, and they were let go. UMP45 secretly marked them with a Svarog Heavy Industries target designator so they could be captured later.[15]

Side events[edit]

A Snowy Night Capriccio[edit]

As Sangvis Ferri forces are low on resources, Destroyer laments that there is no Christmas party and that she did not receive a present from Agent this year. When Dreamer announces that Griffin are having a Christmas party of their own, Destroyer becomes furious to see their enemies doing well while also scavenging SF Dolls for parts, and decides to go on a scouting mission to see the party. With her own objective in mind, Gager tags along.

Spying on the Griffin Dolls, Destroyer thinks of a plan to intrude on their Secret Sante event after seeing the captured Dinergates dressed in festive colors :[34] after infiltrating her own Dinergates in the base using an untested Griffin signal camouflage tech, Destroyer plans to steal the Griffin Dolls' presents.[7] Destroyer's plan is foiled when AR ART556ART556ART556 captures one of her Dinergates and reverts its appearance back to a Sangvis Dinergate, intending to cause her own chaos to steal the presents. As the Dinergate rushes toward the presents among the crowd of Dolls, the modifications cause it to overheat and explode, setting the presents on fire.[35]

When the Commander comes back to the base with their own cargo of presents, Destroyer sends her Dinergates to steal them, but they are destroyed by the Dolls. Utterly defeated, Destroyer starts to cry, but gives away her position to the Commander. She hides in a bush and the Commander, mistaking her for a Griffin Doll, leaves a present for her. Destroyer rushes out to take the present, collides with the Commander and thank them before running away before they can realize who she is. While Destroyer is satisfied with the mission in the end, Gager is more somber as she realizes that Dreamer will probably delete her memories of this happy night.[36]


After SG SeeleSeeleSeele stranded Shicksal near Area S09,[37] RF Raiden MeiRaiden MeiRaiden Mei landed in a city held by Destroyer and destroyed it after her powers went out of control. To apologize to Destroyer, crying and lamenting about how to explain the event to Agent, Mei taught Destroyer to harness Honkai energy.[38] After coming in control of the Slains, Destroyer decided to launch an attack against the base where the Commander was staging an operation,[39] then used the Will of the Honkai to assume her Gaia form, ignoring Mei's advice about the dangers.[38] Destroyer was happy to have made a human friend willing to help her fight against Griffin, but she was dejected when Mei confronted her soon after. Mei was about to go all out to stop Destroyer until RF BronyaBronyaBronya revealed herself and took her out in one shot.[14] Following their rule to limit interference with another world, the Shicksal abandoned Destroyer instead of capturing her for Griffin.[40]

Love Bakery[edit]

Destroyer causes a huge commotion by eating every chocolate meant for the Griffin Dolls for White Day. Hunter takes responsibility for not keeping her on a tight leash and helps the Commander and MG LWMMGLWMMGLWMMG to make the chocolates again the night before the deadline.[41] As punishment, Agent put Destroyer's Neural Cloud into a Dessert Cerberus, but she tries to steal the chocolates again.[42]

Other media[edit]

Destroyer appears as an enemy in two segments of Chibi Dolls Theater - Madness Chapter. In Girls' Frontline: Doll's Song, she is introduced in chapter 11.


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