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Full name Grig
Affiliation Paradeus
Released on CN (缇), TW, KR, EN
Chibi animation

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An elite Paradeus unit, she is calm and cautious, possessing excellent judgement and the ability to control her emotions. She often fights alongside Gray and has great trust in her. She is adept at using her longsword for ambushes and assassination, and if the enemy exposes their weakness for even a moment, she will seize on it and deliver a fatal blow with blinding speed.


Boss in Poincare Recurrence


Grig has a shield and will rush the frontline when the battle starts.

Has four skills:

  • Broken Butterfly: Lock onto the enemy unit with the lowest health and cause guaranteed damage. Also mark that unit and reduce its attack speed. Prioritize unmarked enemies. Once all units on the field are marked, only damage is inflicted.
  • Cruel Claw: Deal multiple instances of armor-piercing damage and apply Shred status to targets in a certain radius directly ahead. Shredded targets constantly lose small amounts of health.
  • Mantis Blade: Pierce the column of enemies directly in front with a sharp sword, dealing multiple instances of guaranteed damage.
  • Failed Cicada: Attempts to assassinate a Dummy Link of the unit with the highest DPS, dealing high damage to it. Once the assassination target loses a Dummy Link, Grig gains a shield and her attack speed is permanently increased. This skill triggers three times at different HP thresholds: 75%, 50% and 25%.



  • The name Grig, a synonym for "cricket", is a reference to her insect theme. Because some game files use "Grig" while others use "Teal" (a transcription of her CN name, despite it meaning "red/orange"), the name Teal will appear when she uses her skill.